Add Designer Salwar Kameez Suits to Your Closet in 2016

Add Designer Salwar Kameez Suits to Your Closet in 2016

2016 is another year to indulge in a wide range of fashion trends however even as we stock up on skinny jeans, graphic tees and other western wear garments, ethnic wear is always on our mind. There is a good reason for this, it is a known fact in India that western garments do not compare to the sheer creativity and craftsmanship employed to create high fashion ethnic wear. Amongst ethnic wear sarees and salwar kameez suits are the most commonly and frequently worn garments by women which is why it would be a good idea to create a look book for twenty sixteen with some of the best designer salwar kameez suits. Borrow and be inspired by the top 8 casual and occasional salwar kameez suits displayed below to help you create an ethnic look book for 2016.

Peach and Grey Manish Malhotra Salwar Suit


Late last year Kajol was spotted at an event wearing this peach and grey Manish Malhotra salwar suit. This suit is typical of what is currently trending in ethnic fashion. Lace, ultra feminine floral embroidery, sheer dupatta and high sheen grey churidar pants. This suit has it all.

Casual Wear Salwar Suit by Manish Malhotra


Many Indian women prefer the salwar suit for every day casual wear for the comfort and easy mobility it offers. This vibrant short kurti and Patiala salwar combination is a good example of great designer salwar suits for casual wear.


Ritu Kumar Festive Wear Salwar Kameez


When it comes to authentic ethnic fashion, it is difficult to beat Ritu Kumar. This Varanasi weave festive salwar kameez is a good example for festive salwar kameez ensembles that should find a place in your look book for 2016. The exquisite embroidered neckline, the bright pink shades and gold embroidery truly complete this ensemble.

Ritu Kumar Casual Wear Salwar Kameez


If you are wondering whether this Ritu Kumar casual wear designer salwar kameez is similar to the look Deepika Padukone flaunted in the movie Piku, you are quite right. This salwar kameez is great example of ethnic work and casual wear trends for twenty sixteen.

Sabyasachi Stunning Black Salwar Kameez


If you are looking for inspiration in terms of designer salwar suits for party wear, your search ends here. This stunning black and gold Sabyasachi Mukherjee suit has all the perfect ingredients for evening wear.

Sabyasachi Casual Wear Salwar Suit


This exquisite lace stunning red salwar kameez is a great example to add to your look book for twenty sixteen. Perfect for evening wear for casual dinners and movie dates, this ensemble is a winner.

Satya Paul Festive Wear Salwar Suits


This is a great example of festive wear designer salwar suits by Satya Paul. This high fashion short kurti and Patiala salwar combination has a youthful appeal that is unmatched. Look out for the fine balance created by the elegant beige kurti and vibrant green salwar.

Casual Wear Satya Paul Salwar Suit


This elegant cream salwar suit is a great example of subtle ethnic fashion sensibilities minus embroidery and embellishments that is so important for comfort oriented fashion when picking out every day work and casual wear outfits.



Indian Traditional Dress helps you connect to your Culture and Roots

The very interesting and distinctive fact about India as a country, apart from being the “Land of Diversity “ is that the Indian traditional dresses strongly reflect the culture it is associated with. However, there are few Indian traditional dresses that go well with every occasion and despite the fact to which culture and customs people are indulged with; they can be seen wearing few of the traditional wears most of the times. But, the fame for the traditional wears has been kept at the rest for a considerable period of time until a severe transformation has been brought in the scene in the 21st century.

The traditional wears went through the severe, but a better transformation and this led Indian traditional wears again to gain importance in the world of Indian Fashion. With this also came a new wave of the men’s wear as for a long time people have neglected the importance and the need for the variety of options in the same. So, now with more revived options of the Indian traditional dress, for both, men and women, let us track down some of the best worn and demanding traditional wears of the present times.

As for the ladies first, here are some of the best-revived women’s Indian traditional wears in the list.Beige N Red Jacquard Half N Half Saree

  • Sarees – Sarees are one of the most worn dresses when talking about the Indian traditional wears for women. As it has been, without a break, worn by the millions of women on a daily basis or on a special occasion like a wedding or a party, but for the fact that women in India never ceased wearing sarees didn’t keep it from getting renovated. Now, the designers have also found a new area to put their creativity into and this has widened the options of sarees from the casual ones to the designers’ ones. The best part about wearing Saree is that it goes well with every occasion and every body type. 
  • Salwar Suits – Salwar suits again is one of those Indian wears that have been worn by most of the Indian girls on a regular basis, but also followed with the same and repeated designs. The newly revamped salwar suits again have attracted many sights and with the fusion and introduction of the different types like Anarkari suits, Patiala suits, Indo-Pakistani suits, women of India are enjoying more options mixed with new trends. 
  • Lehenga Choli – The long-running tradition of wearing Lehenga Cholis on marriage have been strongly broken with the new transformed version introduced. Now, from the heavy designs to the casual designs, Lehenga cholis are available in a wide range giving the women of India a chance to wear them even at a small occasion, so they don’t have to wait for the a long time to wear the lehenga until it’ s their turn to get married. 
  • Kurtis – Kurti is perhaps the only Indian traditional wears that have made its appearance in the current times in the Indian traditional wears. It is basically a fusion of the Indo-western dress and has been the main attraction these days for being comfortable yet traditional attire. Kurtis

Being an Indian woman with an urge of wearing a traditional wear to go with the flow of Indian fashion, you can pick any of these attires and reflect your love for your culture.

Now coming to the Indian traditional dress for men, there are many options to go with provided with the fact that the transformation has a serious impact on the men’s Indian wears as well. With many new and the old but transformed men’s traditional wears, here are few dress options that are loved by men across the nation and are more in the scene these days.

  • Kurta pyjama – Kurta Pyjama is counted among the most common worn Indian traditional men’s wear and men belonging to different culture have been wearing these clothes from a long time. After the hangover of the western clothes along with the transformation of the Indian traditional wears, men can find a broader range of Kurta Pyjama to match the occasion and the essence of the traditions. 
  • Sherwanis ­ – Sherwanis too are popular attire for the Indian men from a long time, but thanks to the designers of the new era that this dress code too has been revived and many options sticking to the essence of the dress have been introduced to the men. Prior to the greatest breakthrough of the Indian traditional wears along with the introduction of the Indo-western wears, sherwanis were strictly been worn on the special occasions like marriage and engagement, but now with the broader varieties, designs, and shapes, Sherwanis can be worn on a low-key functions. Embellished Jute Indo Western Grey Sherwani
  • Kurta Pyjama with Nehru Jacket – Needless to say that the introduction of Nehru jacket has won out the hearts of millions of men and has become a new style statement as well. The love for this new attire is very evident with the fact that it has been getting worn by many celebrities. Devoid of any doubts, the jacket goes well with the basic Kurta Pyjama, but can be paired with a shirt and jeans too. 

So, with so many options, men too have been given the same advantage of choosing the perfect Indian traditional wear just like women. Make your pick and rock the party or event you are heading to.