Buy a Wide Range of Bandhgala Suits Online

Bandhgala suits are your ideal choice if you are looking for formal wear for social gatherings and cultural events. The Bandhgala suit has been popular for a while now with men with high fashion taste who likes the combination of a smartly tailored suit with a mandarin collar.  These suits work well on many occasions and they are preferred by men on their engagement day, wedding day, festivals and social gatherings. Fortunately these suits are widely available online in many different fabrics and styles. Scroll down to have a look at some of the best suits available online and be inspired to buy bandhgala suits online.

Terry Rayon SuitTerry Rayon Suit

Terry rayon suits are the most common kind of bandhgala suits available and easily buy terry rayon bandhgala suit online. These suits are pretty much like the average suit however what adds to the look and makes the outfit more dapper is the mandarin collar. Terry rayon suits are easily available online or at a store.

Khadi Bandhgala Suit

Khadi Bandhgala Suit

Khadi bandhgala suits are much in vogue for their unique look. These suits are more ethnic to look at as the Khadi fabric is a purely indigenous fabric. These suits are popular at weddings and festivals and often come in bright vibrant colors like purple, orange, yellow, red and blue and the trousers are genrally an earthy shade of brown or beige. Khadi bandhgala suits are easily available online or at a store near you.

Velvet Bandhgala Suit

Velvet Bandhgala Suit

The velvet bandhgala suit makes for the perfect festive wear ensemble for the winter months. The velvet suit is favored for its unique high sheen fabric and genrally rich vibrant bandhgala suits in velvet fabric are much sought after. These suits can be easily purchased online or at a store near you.






Eid Fashion for Men

Eid is around the corner and like any other festival celebrated around the world Eid is a time for merry making, grand feasts and fashion. During this joyous festivals followers of Islam end a whole month of fasting with thanksgiving prayers, feasting with family and friends and much merry making. Like most other major festivals, this important occasion also encourages men, women and children to wear new clothes and look their best. In countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, followers of Islam celebrate Eid by wearing bright and vibrant ethnic clothing that is often embellished or embroidered. While men and women both dress in their ethnic best, let us look in to fashion for men and the choicest Eid garments for men. Read further to know more.

The Kurta Pyjama is One of Favored Eid Garments for Men

The Kurta Pyjama is One of Favored Eid Garments for Men

The Kurta Pyjama is one of the most favored outfits for Eid prayers. This simple yet elegant ensemble is most favored in simple white cotton fabric for special prayers on the occasion of Eid by young and old men alike however many are now opting for bright vibrant colors like red, green, yellow and purple.

Sherwani for Eid Celebrations

Sherwani for Eid Celebrations

After special Eid prayers many men opt for the sherwani for Eid celebrations. This resplendent ethnic overcoat is definitely on e of the most popular examples of favored Eid garments for men and is easily available online or at a store near you.

Bandhgala Blazers and Nehru Jackets for Eid Celebrations

Bandhgala Blazers and Nehru Jackets for Eid Celebrations

Nehru jackets and bandhgala blazers make for great festive wear during the Eid celebrations. These trendy jackets and blazers are very versatile and can be easily worn with western and ethnic wear. One can easily team up the Nehru jacket or bandhgala blazer with a mandarin collar shirt and trousers or pair the Nehru jacket with a kurta pyjama ensemble.

Indo Western Dresses for Grooms, Wedding Wear Trends for 2016

Indo western dresses for men feature high up on the list of wedding fashion trends for men in 2016.


Dashing Jute Indo-Western Sherwani

Around the world fashion trends come and go but in India ethnic fashion is timeless. From the humble kurta pyjama to the elaborate sherwani, ethnic wear for Indian men has it all and all of these are magnified manifold at the great Indian wedding experience. Like anywhere else in the world, a wedding is a day when both, man and his would be wife do everything in their power to look their best. In most of the western world all a man has to his benefit is a well fitted tuxedo on his wedding day but when you compare that to the Indian sherwani or the kurta pyjama, it is rather bland. This sheer beauty of these traditional garments does not go unnoticed which is why it is still popular with Indian grooms and designers in India are forever reinventing these traditional garments to keep up with the times. This constant state of reinvention has given way to indo western dresses for a groom which is the highlight of fashion trends in 2016. Read further to know more.

Western Silhouettes and Indian Design

The idea behind indo-western dresses for grooms is the perfect amalgamation of western silhouette and Indian design. For example, the indo-western sherwani is not much unlike a mandarin collar blazer however there is still much ethnic charm here with exotic traditional fabrics like silk and jacquard and traditional embellishments like resham, zari and zardosi. Ethnic patterns in floral and foliage forms perfectly add to the essentially desi look. The slim fit kurta pyjama is also a perfect example for Indian design meeting western silhouettes. Perfectly fitted to the contours of the male body, this trendy new-age kurta takes it inspiration from a slim fit dress shirt and adds desi charm to it with fabrics like silk, khadi and jacquard. All in all, this is the perfect fusion of ino-western fashion sensibilities for the modern Indian groom.

Dupion Men’s Kurta Pyjama for Luxury Wear

Enjoy the luxurious feel of Dupion silk with the Dupion men’s kurta pyjama. Read further on how to style this trendy ethnic garment.

Ideal Blue Art Dupion Silk Kurta Pyjama

       Ideal Blue Art Dupion Silk Kurta Pyjama

 Silk is considered a luxury fabric all over the world and is highly priced and valued almost everywhere and so much more in regions of Asia such as Japan, China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The reason behind its popularity in these regions is its use in making traditional ethnic garments. The silk kimono from Japan, the classic sherwani in silk fabrics from Pakistan and the silk kurta pyjama from India are prime examples of the use of silk to make beautiful ethnic wear. Silk has many variations, like ghicha silk, jacquard, tussar silk and Dupion silk just to name a few. The Dupion men’s kurta pyjama is an excellent example of the use of silk and its variations to create sought after and stylish ethnic wear for men. Read further to know how to effectively style this kurta pyjama stitched with Dupion silk.

For Festive and Wedding Wear

Dupion as a variation of silk is known for its aesthetic look and accentuated sheen making it an ideal fabric for festive and wedding wear in India where colors rule at any event. The Dupion men’s kurta pyjama is popular for its lustrous surface owing to the luxury fabric it is made of. This kurta in bright shades of blue, red and orange is best matched with a cotton churidar pant and worn with mojris. Keep the silhouette current, with a slim fit straight cut garment and add charm to the ensemble with a bandgala Nehru Jacket. This complete ensemble is sure to put you in the spotlight at festive occasions and wedding receptions. Roll up the sleeves for that semi casual, carefree look and style your hair in spikes for that over all indo-western fusion look. Your wardrobe would never be the same with this ensemble.

Steal away the lights by selecting the best groom wedding dress

Are you getting married this year and still pondering on the thought to what type of groom wedding dress you should choose to steal away the charm? Well, now there are unlimited options for the groom wedding dress and just like the bride, soon to become a groom should also look out for the best dress among the endless options.

The dawn of the new era has changed many things and this also includes the way of the clothing. The bride being super conscious about her wedding dress have become outdated now and the groom too is considering the shopping of his wedding dress as a serious area of concern. Not a long time have been passed when groom had limited options to choose their wedding dress whereas brides always have enjoyed the advantage of being provided with the unlimited options. But, now the transformed era and the revival of Indian ethnic clothes are helping groom to enjoy the same advantage.

The transformation brought in the world of Indian fashion has been proved to be a better one as people are now getting over the western spirit and clothing, not entirely but to a great extent. Along with the bride, groom too is enjoying the shopping and being spoiled by the plenty of options for their wedding dresses. If you too are standing in the queue of the men awaiting the marriage then here are some of the best-found picks for groom wedding dress this season.

Sherwani – Every groom prefers Sherwani at the first place when it is their wedding as from a long time, grooms of India have followed wearing sherwanis at wedding like a long-running culture. However, the new transformed version of the Sherwanis, especially for the wedding season are helping groom look as amazing as the bride. Different embellished, worked, shaped and designed sherwanis are just making the Sherwani ideal choices for the wedding day.Purple Benarasi Jacquard Silk Sherwani

Bandhgala – Bandhgala is a new type of groom wedding attire and soon after it was designed, it gained a huge popularity and many renowned celebrities were captured wearing this attire at their event of film promotions. The attire gives a royal look when paired with a kurta and a churidaar pyjama and the embellished bandhgala gives the felling to the groom as his wedding is nowhere less than any royal wedding.

Dhoti kurta – Yes, we are talking about that attire that specifically is designed for the grooms to wear at their wedding. An embellished kurta with silk dhoti is what you should opt for when you want to keep it traditional yet amazing.

These are the three best attires for the groom to wear this wedding season as they are designed with the same motive keeping in the mind. You can shop for the dresses either from a local shop or a designer boutique, but shopping it online would be an ideal choice as there you will get endless options. Amafhh is that one online store dedicated entirely for the ethnic wears and is offering the most amazing collection for the groom dress.