Dupion Men’s Kurta Pyjama for Luxury Wear

Enjoy the luxurious feel of Dupion silk with the Dupion men’s kurta pyjama. Read further on how to style this trendy ethnic garment.

Ideal Blue Art Dupion Silk Kurta Pyjama

       Ideal Blue Art Dupion Silk Kurta Pyjama

 Silk is considered a luxury fabric all over the world and is highly priced and valued almost everywhere and so much more in regions of Asia such as Japan, China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The reason behind its popularity in these regions is its use in making traditional ethnic garments. The silk kimono from Japan, the classic sherwani in silk fabrics from Pakistan and the silk kurta pyjama from India are prime examples of the use of silk to make beautiful ethnic wear. Silk has many variations, like ghicha silk, jacquard, tussar silk and Dupion silk just to name a few. The Dupion men’s kurta pyjama is an excellent example of the use of silk and its variations to create sought after and stylish ethnic wear for men. Read further to know how to effectively style this kurta pyjama stitched with Dupion silk.

For Festive and Wedding Wear

Dupion as a variation of silk is known for its aesthetic look and accentuated sheen making it an ideal fabric for festive and wedding wear in India where colors rule at any event. The Dupion men’s kurta pyjama is popular for its lustrous surface owing to the luxury fabric it is made of. This kurta in bright shades of blue, red and orange is best matched with a cotton churidar pant and worn with mojris. Keep the silhouette current, with a slim fit straight cut garment and add charm to the ensemble with a bandgala Nehru Jacket. This complete ensemble is sure to put you in the spotlight at festive occasions and wedding receptions. Roll up the sleeves for that semi casual, carefree look and style your hair in spikes for that over all indo-western fusion look. Your wardrobe would never be the same with this ensemble.


Top Stylish Kurta Pajama designs for Men

Kurta Pajama is that peace of Indian clothing that makes an essential pair for every Indian man. Today, the revived and still evolving nature of Indian clothing has brought in some of the most stylish kurta Pajama designs to make the Indian clothing for men more stylish and appealing.

There was the time when Indian men waited for any special occasion or traditional day to arrive to take out their long kept that one pair of Kurta Pajama to wear and once the occasion passed the dress go to the same place. However, the scenario has changed a lot and today varieties of new designs for kurta pajama have been introduced and they are so amazing that men won’t wait for a traditional or ethnic day to arrive and will wear it for the next coming occasion.

So, if you are thinking to go for some new designs for Kurta Pajama this festive season then here we are sharing some of the best out of many designs for you to follow.Green Art Dupion Silk Readymade Kurta Pyjama

Traditional Kurta Pyjama

This Kurta Pyjama refers to the type of Kurta Pajama that is being followed since the beginning, but today there has been made an exception in this type and that is different variants of designs and cuts have been introduced to make this traditional attire extremely stylish.

Pathani Kurta Pajama

This one relates to the attire worn by the Pathans, but today makes an amazing style for men when choosing to wear the Indian traditional clothes. The Kurta can be both fitting or loose and are worn on the loose pajama that is often called as salwar. The best and the distinctive part of this kurta is that it doesn’t need any embellishment and looks amazing when kept simple. Many celebrities also can be seen wearing this attire at many functions.

Kurta Pajama with Nehru jacket

This is extremely new in the race. Thought both the dress has been existed for a long time, it’s paired up together makes it a whole new design to carry. The best way to carry this attire is to wear the jacket on a simple kurta pajama as the decorative or the embellished ones will make no difference and will be hidden inside the jacket.

Jodhpuri Kurta Pajama

Jodhpuri Kurta pajama is not the new design and has been worn in the Jodhpur region for a long time, but today, it has come in the scene as the new design and men seem to like this attire a lot. It reflects a royal look and when paired with a stole or turban, then nothing can beat the style of this attire.

These are some of best stylish Kurta pajama of the current times and have been picked from the many designs. However, shopping for them needs a great concern.

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Create a New Fashion Statement with the Latest Designs of Kurta Pajama for Men

With the suddenly changed fashion scenario and the revived traditional wears of India, not only women but men are also getting inclined towards the transformation brought in by the designers.

There was the time when men were only seen wearing and following the western clothing leaving out the rare ones to wear the traditional dresses. Even while attending the cultural functions, the same western dress code was repeated until now people after seeing the amazing transformation done in the world of traditional wears.

The excitement of the transformation was expected in women but it came more as a surprise when men found the transformation equally amazing and worth wearing. The revival of the traditional wears gave the Indian men an entirely new option of clothing and it didn’t take a long time for men to realize the fact that they now can enjoy something new and extremely comfortable wear. The transformations that are done in the Kurta Pajama for men brought in many new designs to wear and even celebrities can be seen wearing the latest designs of Kurta Pajama.

Steel Grey Art Silk Kurta Pyjama

The fusion of the ind0-western in the traditional wears, especially in the Kurta Pajama for men was again something new given to the Indian men to wear. However, a few designs of kurta pajama designs are pleasing men more and they are opting them as their favorite attire to wear on almost every occasion. With the rising popularity of the traditional wears, let us track down some of the most popular and worn designs of kurta Pajama in the current times.

  • Pathani Kurta – This particular Kurta Pajama design have become the most favorite choice of many including many famous Bollywood icons, cricketers are renowned personalities. Pathan Suit is certainly not a new design and has been followed from past many years, but the craze for this attire is still the same. The Kurta features a long sleeve that is folded on the elbow giving it a cooler look. The Kurta goes the best with the Pajama meant for wearing with the Kurta only. However, men can be seen mixing and matching it with jeans and churidaar. 
  • Sherwani Kurta Pajama – This again falls into the category of the most picked up designed of the kurta pajama, especially when an occasion is on the way, but its being heavy to0 carry kept many to wear it and now with the transformation of this traditional kurta has hit the list of the most worn kurta of the current times. These Kurtas now is getting manufactured in many types of designs and fabrics so carrying it are no more a concern as one can go for the lighter fabric. No doubt, this Kurta go well in the aprt occasion but now with lighter fabrics and less work or embroidered you can pick it for the small occasion also. Team up with the churidaar pajama to get the best look. 
  • Kurta Pajama with Nehru Jacket– The new style statement that has been added to the traditional kurta pajama is the addition of Nehru jacket. The dress features the simple or heavy work kurta pajama and the Nehru Jacket is just meant the highlight the entire attire if team up with the right combination of colors. The Jacket Features the Bandhgala with no sleeves. No wonder, the style statement has become one of the favorite across the India and outside the India. 

The best way to shop for the Kurta Pajama for men is from online stores as they feature the exclusive items that you have seen on Television or actors wearing them. Among many options of online stores that you will get, you surely will found the best products at Amafhh. The online store features some of the best designs borrowed by the renowned designers and to add flavor to your shopping experience, all of the products are under your budget.