Buy a Wide Range of Bandhgala Suits Online

Bandhgala suits are your ideal choice if you are looking for formal wear for social gatherings and cultural events. The Bandhgala suit has been popular for a while now with men with high fashion taste who likes the combination of a smartly tailored suit with a mandarin collar.  These suits work well on many occasions and they are preferred by men on their engagement day, wedding day, festivals and social gatherings. Fortunately these suits are widely available online in many different fabrics and styles. Scroll down to have a look at some of the best suits available online and be inspired to buy bandhgala suits online.

Terry Rayon SuitTerry Rayon Suit

Terry rayon suits are the most common kind of bandhgala suits available and easily buy terry rayon bandhgala suit online. These suits are pretty much like the average suit however what adds to the look and makes the outfit more dapper is the mandarin collar. Terry rayon suits are easily available online or at a store.

Khadi Bandhgala Suit

Khadi Bandhgala Suit

Khadi bandhgala suits are much in vogue for their unique look. These suits are more ethnic to look at as the Khadi fabric is a purely indigenous fabric. These suits are popular at weddings and festivals and often come in bright vibrant colors like purple, orange, yellow, red and blue and the trousers are genrally an earthy shade of brown or beige. Khadi bandhgala suits are easily available online or at a store near you.

Velvet Bandhgala Suit

Velvet Bandhgala Suit

The velvet bandhgala suit makes for the perfect festive wear ensemble for the winter months. The velvet suit is favored for its unique high sheen fabric and genrally rich vibrant bandhgala suits in velvet fabric are much sought after. These suits can be easily purchased online or at a store near you.






Wedding Party and Reception Wear for Men

The wedding season is right around the corner which means both men and women will be shopping for upcoming weddings, they plan to attend. While women have a wide range of garments both ethnic and western they can choose from and they are quite educated on the subject of what to wear at weddings, many men lack comprehensive knowledge on the subject. So it’s only fair that we take some time to enlighten men on the do’s and don’ts of wedding wear for men. Read further to know more about how to dress at weddings without under dressing or over dressing an overshadowing the groom.

Kurta Pyjamas for Wedding Wearaa

Example of Great Kurta Pyjama for Wedding Wear for Guests

Kurta pyjamas are the perfect ensemble for wedding wear for men if the affair you are about to attend has a traditional dress code. In most parts of the country, the groom wears a sherwani on his wedding day. Since the day obviously belongs to the bride and groom, you might want to keep in mind that in terms of sartorial choices, you may not want to overshadow the groom. In that case the Kurta Pyjama is the perfect ensemble for you. One must keep in mind that even here there are do’s and don’ts.


  • Do not wear an overly embellished or embroidered kurta pyjama ensemble as you do not want to over shadow the groom.
  • Do not go for kurta pyjamas in gold, red or variations of the color red, these colors are generally reserved for the bride and groom.


  • The Idea is to look good without over shadowing the groom, so there must be a subtle element of style and class in your sartorial choices.
  • Pick out a kurta pyjama ensemble in high sheen fabrics that is slim fitted. Let the fabric and cut to the talking as embellishments and embroidery is best reserved for the groom.
  • Go for bright colors like royal blue, silver, steel grey or even classic shades like white and black. In case of black kurta pyjamas, a minimum amount of embroidery would insure that you do not look like you are attending a funeral.
  • Style your white kurta pyjama ensemble with a great vibrant shade Nehru Jacket just so you don’t look like you are attending a political rally. If not simply go for a minimally embroidered white ensemble.
  • Complete your traditional look with a great pair of embroidered mojris.


Sherwanis for Wedding Wear


Great Example of Sherwani for Wedding Wear for Guests

In certain parts of the country, the kurta pyjama is the favored choice of the groom for wedding wear. In such cases it may be wise to opt for a sherwani that has minimum embellishments and embroidery. Listed below are some of the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while picking out a sherwani for a wedding you intend to attend.


  • Once again avoid colors like red, maroon and variations of these colors as these shades are reserved for the bride and groom.
  • Opt for sherwanis with minimal gold and silver thread embroidery as you do not want to over shadow the groom.


  • Opt for Classic shade Sherwanis like grey, black and steel grey.
  • Minimum silver thread embroidery should be enough to accentuate your outfit.
  • Let the cut and silhouette do most of the talking.


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Bollywood Stars Set Trends on the Red Carpet and Other Star Studded Events

In India we look to Bollywood stars for fashion inspiration and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as these stars are often advised and assisted by the best stylists and fashion designers in the country when it comes to their sartorial choices. With the intense media glare and the unforgiving fashion police on their backs, stars now step out on to the red carpet in ethnic and western garments that are in keeping with the latest trends and fads. This fact can serve as an advantage for the common fashion conscious people like us who may not be able to afford a stylist to keep us on track in terms of fashion trends and one way to be inspired is by observing our favorite stars on the red carpet. It may not be feasible watch every red carpet event on the telly however one can simply Google search terms like Bollywood stars at Cannes or Bollywood red carpet and watch your favorite stars in ethnic wear like  Bandhgala Blazers, Sherwanis, Sarees and or even western wear like Tuxedos and Gowns. Look through our top picks of Bollywood stars looking like royalty on the red carpet and other star studded events and gain inspiration on how to apply these looks to your own wardrobe for the next big event you are meant to attend.

Ranveer Singh in a Sherwani at a promotional Photo shoot for Bajirao Mastani



During the promotions of the movie Bajirao Mastani, Ranveer and Deepika posed for a photo shoot in ethnic ensembles as the movie is a period action drama come love story. In this picture Ranveer looks dapper in an outfit that makes for a good wedding sherwani. Next time you are shopping for wedding sherwanis, for a wedding you intend to attend or even if you are the one getting married, here is a great look to be inspired by.

Sonam Kapoor in an Ellie Saab Gown at Cannesbb

Sonam Kapoor who is the Indian face of L’Oreal looks resplendent in a black Ellie Saab gown at the Cannes film festival. While this starlet has made a name for herself as a fashionista, her critically acclaimed performance in the movie Neerja has finally got her recognition as an actor.

Sonam Kapoor at Cannes Again


While Aishwarya Rai has made countless appearances at Cannes, her red carpet choices have been mostly fails however Sonam Kapoor stuns with a new look every time at Cannes. This picture is from Cannes 2013 and Sonam Kapoor looks gorgeous in a cape saree and stunning nose ring. Let this saree be your inspiration for a stunning wedding saree.

Arjun Rampal at Cannesdd

Who can forget Arjun Rampal at Cannes looking like a gentleman and yet so intrinsically Indian dapper in his bandhgala blazer and Jodhpur style trousers at Cannes. Next time you need fashion inspiration for a wedding you need to attend be inspired by this unique look to this look instead of the usual sherwanis for weddings.


Top Five Men’s Blazer Jacket looks for 2016

All you need to know about men’s blazer jacket trends for twenty sixteen. Get helpful tips on how to style them right and match them up with other items in your closet with these top 5 style picks.

Men’s blazer jacket is the coolest trend this year and to be precise, they have been around for a while, yet only gaining in popularity. Easily worn for work, as casual wear or even special events, these trendy garments are the in thing in twenty sixteen. Having made that statement, it is important to clarify that men’s blazer jacket aren’t just trends that are here today and gone tomorrow. These are personal style statements that are going to be around for a while. Read further to know about how to effectively style blazer and jackets of any kind with our comprehensive list of top five looks involving blazers and jackets.

Bomber Jacket for Casual Wearaa

The bomber jacket is the typical casual wear jacket, best worn with a baseball cap, a round neck tee and denims for that boy next door casual look. Complete this look with a neat pair of sneakers.

Nehru Jacket for Casual Wear


While the Nehru Jacket is an intrinsically Indian ethnic garment initially only worn with other ethnic garments, since late 2014 it has become increasingly trendy to team up the sleeveless Nehru Jacket with casual trousers, denims and round neck tees. This trend is popular amongst college student and young professionals.

Bandhgala Blazer with Denims


Saif Ali Khan totally nails the posh yet casual look with his bandhgala blazer and denim trousers combination. This look is complete with an appropriate pocket square and exquisite tan pointed toe shoes.

Bandhgala Blazer with Jodhpurs


Trends are temporary but style is eternal and nobody does it better than Rahul Khanna with the classic bandhgala blazer and jodhpurs combination. A rose in your button hole and classic black tie up shoes would definitely complete this look which is appropriate for formal events and gatherings.

Nehru Jacket with Slim Fit Kurta Pyjama

This is one classic look that is huge hit at Indian festivals and weddings. This fully desi look effectively teams together a slim fit high sheen fabric kurta pyjama with a contrasting color Nehru Jacket. This is the most sought after ethnic look for men since 2015 and will continue to trend in 2016.

Dupion Men’s Kurta Pyjama for Luxury Wear

Enjoy the luxurious feel of Dupion silk with the Dupion men’s kurta pyjama. Read further on how to style this trendy ethnic garment.

Ideal Blue Art Dupion Silk Kurta Pyjama

       Ideal Blue Art Dupion Silk Kurta Pyjama

 Silk is considered a luxury fabric all over the world and is highly priced and valued almost everywhere and so much more in regions of Asia such as Japan, China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The reason behind its popularity in these regions is its use in making traditional ethnic garments. The silk kimono from Japan, the classic sherwani in silk fabrics from Pakistan and the silk kurta pyjama from India are prime examples of the use of silk to make beautiful ethnic wear. Silk has many variations, like ghicha silk, jacquard, tussar silk and Dupion silk just to name a few. The Dupion men’s kurta pyjama is an excellent example of the use of silk and its variations to create sought after and stylish ethnic wear for men. Read further to know how to effectively style this kurta pyjama stitched with Dupion silk.

For Festive and Wedding Wear

Dupion as a variation of silk is known for its aesthetic look and accentuated sheen making it an ideal fabric for festive and wedding wear in India where colors rule at any event. The Dupion men’s kurta pyjama is popular for its lustrous surface owing to the luxury fabric it is made of. This kurta in bright shades of blue, red and orange is best matched with a cotton churidar pant and worn with mojris. Keep the silhouette current, with a slim fit straight cut garment and add charm to the ensemble with a bandgala Nehru Jacket. This complete ensemble is sure to put you in the spotlight at festive occasions and wedding receptions. Roll up the sleeves for that semi casual, carefree look and style your hair in spikes for that over all indo-western fusion look. Your wardrobe would never be the same with this ensemble.