Few Best Nehru Jacket Designs that Every Man Should Know

Not a single person in the country is untouched with the news of the evolution taking place in the world of Indian Fashion, and about the new trends this evolution has brought in the same world. This evolution or transformation has changed many things and the best change that has come forward is that, today, men too are considering the new styles and designs that can help them look their best.

Among few designs, the transformed ones, Nehru Jacket seem to steal away all the limelight of the men’s Indian wear and from the Prime Minister to the celebrities to the ordinary men, everyone seems to have gone crazy after this piece of clothing.

Although the name is enough to identify that from where the thought of this jacket has been initiated, at the time when it was first introduced, it was limited to the wardrobe of our former Pime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru. But, today it has become a must own piece of clothing for every man in India.

Beautiful Mehendi Colour Linen Nahru Jacket

If you too are thinking about buying this outfit then you must make yourself aware about the different types of Nehru Jacket Designs that have hit the market lately. In the regards and to ease your way to make the decision of which Nehru Jacket you must buy, here we are sharing some of the best picked designs of the Indian fashion league.

Sleeveless Nehru Jacket

Sleeveless Nehru Jacket is quite common these days and makes a good outfit too. From our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to many Celebrities, everyone seems to like this design the most. It can be paired with the simple Kurta pajama, Trousers and shirt, and Jodhpuri suits. No matter to which type of event you are heading to, this will make a good style, but do not forget to select the color and fabric depending on the occasion.

Double Breasted Nehru Jacket

This makes an amazing style statement and is an uncommon too. This makes more of a formal wear and makes you appear slim. To get the best look, try pairing it up with the Jodhpuri pants and trousers.

Velvet Nehru Jacket

When you are stuck with the thought of the right attire to wear on the occasion which is about to arrive, then you can go for Velvet Nehru Jacket. Designed specifically as a party wear, this will surely turn all the heads at you. Make sure you wear them at evening to get that shinning look of the fabric, for which it is known the best. Can be paired up with Kurta Pajama, Trouser pants, and Jodhpuri suits.

Full sleeves Nehru Jacket

This one helps you attain the royal look and no wonder that why many celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan have preferred this over other designs. Pair it up with Trouser pants, Kurta Pajama, and Jodhpuri suits.

Surely, there are many more Nehru Jacket Designs available in the market, but these are some of the best picked of the present time. You can easily avail these design from many online stores because they offer a huge variety to choose among.

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Look through a huge collection of Kurtis Online

Everyone is conscious of the great evolution taking place in the world of Indian fashion and this also has pushed people to go to the Indian wears and putting the western clothes at a break. Many old Indian wears have been revived to a great extent, but many new types of dresses have been introduced as well and that’s getting the same love and adoration of the Indian people.

The introduction of the Indo-western wears was the other thing that was brought forward by the transformation took place. When talking about women Indo-western attires then Kurti sets the best example. The attire has been designed by keeping the Indian traditional in the mind, mixed with the comfort of western clothing and the dress code has become one of the most bought and loved by the Indian women. But, with many types introduced, it is offering the Indian women to buy them for every occasion.

Multicolored Floral Print Casual Kurti

You must be familiar with the fame of Kurti, but considering the different types are important too to make the right choice to wear at a right occasion. Let us help you tracking some of the best Kurti designs of the present times.

Short Kurti

One of the variants of the kurti is the short kurti. The length generally stays up to the knee and is best for those who still are not habituated of carrying an Indian traditional attire. This kurti gives the feeling more like of a western attire and can easily be paired with jeans and a short length scarf to attain the perfect look. Light accessories will also go best with this dress code.

Long Kurti

Long Kurti generally has the length down to the knees and many times touching the floors. You can carry this one with a leggings and a long dupatta to complement your attire the best way. Different designs are also available like embellished ones and the floral ones to choose for the right occasion.

Anarkali Kurti

After the success of Anarkali suits, Anarkali kurti too have come into the scenes. The kurti can be of any length, from short to long and looks best when paired with a leggings. Carryng a dupatta is not necessary as the Anarkali pattern helps you to get that feminine look.

Gorgeous Red Embroidered Kurti

Embroidered Kurti

Available in many different types of length and the main essence of the kurti lies in its embroidered work. You can choose the less, or the heavy embroidery depending on the type of place or occasion you are going to.

You can look through the widest designs and range of collection of these when you buy kurtis online as everything is displayed on your screen and you can easily imagine that how would you look in the attire.

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Top Stylish Kurta Pajama designs for Men

Kurta Pajama is that peace of Indian clothing that makes an essential pair for every Indian man. Today, the revived and still evolving nature of Indian clothing has brought in some of the most stylish kurta Pajama designs to make the Indian clothing for men more stylish and appealing.

There was the time when Indian men waited for any special occasion or traditional day to arrive to take out their long kept that one pair of Kurta Pajama to wear and once the occasion passed the dress go to the same place. However, the scenario has changed a lot and today varieties of new designs for kurta pajama have been introduced and they are so amazing that men won’t wait for a traditional or ethnic day to arrive and will wear it for the next coming occasion.

So, if you are thinking to go for some new designs for Kurta Pajama this festive season then here we are sharing some of the best out of many designs for you to follow.Green Art Dupion Silk Readymade Kurta Pyjama

Traditional Kurta Pyjama

This Kurta Pyjama refers to the type of Kurta Pajama that is being followed since the beginning, but today there has been made an exception in this type and that is different variants of designs and cuts have been introduced to make this traditional attire extremely stylish.

Pathani Kurta Pajama

This one relates to the attire worn by the Pathans, but today makes an amazing style for men when choosing to wear the Indian traditional clothes. The Kurta can be both fitting or loose and are worn on the loose pajama that is often called as salwar. The best and the distinctive part of this kurta is that it doesn’t need any embellishment and looks amazing when kept simple. Many celebrities also can be seen wearing this attire at many functions.

Kurta Pajama with Nehru jacket

This is extremely new in the race. Thought both the dress has been existed for a long time, it’s paired up together makes it a whole new design to carry. The best way to carry this attire is to wear the jacket on a simple kurta pajama as the decorative or the embellished ones will make no difference and will be hidden inside the jacket.

Jodhpuri Kurta Pajama

Jodhpuri Kurta pajama is not the new design and has been worn in the Jodhpur region for a long time, but today, it has come in the scene as the new design and men seem to like this attire a lot. It reflects a royal look and when paired with a stole or turban, then nothing can beat the style of this attire.

These are some of best stylish Kurta pajama of the current times and have been picked from the many designs. However, shopping for them needs a great concern.

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Ethnicity Store Online helps you choose the right Ethnic Outfit

Ethnic Store online

There came the time when Indian Ethnic wear went out of the scene entirely and people of India seemed getting more inclined towards the western outfits and clothing. But, this was not for the long time that Indian outfit were neglected and in the 21st century the Indian traditional clothing was brought back after they went through the severe transformation.

The new transformation brought in amazed people and a new wave of Indian clothing filled the air of the country once again. Thanks to our new era designers who put their focus on enhancing the traditional wear further and bringing it in the scene once again. Now, be the woman or a man, one can find a great variety of Indian traditional outfits that have hit the stores recently.

As India is known as the “land of diversity” and every part of India has its own way of clothing and this particular and distinctive fact about the India has been kept on the focus while the transformation was taking place and every popular and notorious Indian dress code was transformed and changed in a better way.

Designers like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar and Sabyasachi were the main faces that helped bringing back the sensation of Indian clothes to the land where it was originated. The transformation made a serious impact on the people and also helped them to realize that how important it is to stay connected with your culture and traditions. However, few of the transformation in the world of Indian clothing attracted more attention and that’s for both men and women. So, here we are listing some of the best recorded transformation of the Indian clothing of the present times.

Starting with the women, let us make you familiar with the most rocking Indian dress code of the present times.

Anarkali – Anarkali hits the list of the contemporary Indian clothing and has created a new sensation in the country. Women are finding this dress code an ideal one to wear at the festive season. Many types and varieties are available to choose the perfect type for the right occasion.

Sarees – Saree, obviously never went out of the scene, but has gained immense popularity after the revamped version got introduced. Many new fabrics and designs have been offered to women from the extremely traditional ones to the designer ones.

Lehenga Choli – After staying out of the scene for a considerable time, Lehenga choli again has caught many attentions lately. Many new designs, patterns and colors have been introduced in the same.

Kurti – Kurti sets the best example of the Indo-western wear for women and gofers the traditional looks with the comfort of modern wear. In this section, women can browse through a great variety, types and colors.

Gorgeous Multicolored Digital Print Georgette Kurti

Now, coming to men’s section of the transformed traditional outfits that came out more as a surprise, here are few of the hottest picks of the season.

Kurta Pajama – Kurta pajama has been born since the beginning of the time by the Indian men, but has been ignored for a considerable period of time too. But, now it has been brought in the front once again and many diverse types have been introduced.

Sherwani – Sherwani is every man’s favorite attire when it comes to wear the outfit at any festive season. With the revamped version introduced, many types and designs can be browse until you find the right one for you.

Nehru Jacket – Thought existed from a long time and been a signature style of our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, this dress code is setting a new fashion statement these days. Many celebrities and renowned personality can be spotted wearing this outfit at many occasions. Many types have also been introduced in the same too.

Apart from these designs, many other newest editions are also available. However, the mentioned designs are the hottest ones in the market. Now, the second concern of shopping these attires comes in front. Though one can have these outfits in local stores, buying it from an online store would be a good call.

An ethnicity store online would offer the best collection for focusing solely on the ethnic wears and in the regards, Amafhh, which is an ethnic online store, will be best choice. The store offers a great variety and array of options in the Indian traditional clothing and Indo-western wears.

Go bold yet traditional and buy Indian Sarees online

Saree is among those Indian attires that never went off the scene, even when the majority of Indians, including women, were drenched completely with the essence of western culture and clothing. Apart from reflecting the culture and regions it is associated with, Saree is known to take out the beauty of every woman that is hiding into deep inside. Not only in India, but throughout the globe, women have displayed their adoration for this dress.

Yellow N Red Printed Saree

In India, sarees too have been distinguished into different types just like the regions and cultures and the amazing factor of this dress equally lies in the fact that how this six yards long fabric takes out the hidden feminism of a girl and a woman. In India, which is also synonymous with the title ‘Land to Diversity”, many different types of sarees have been emerging from the different regions, each having its own specialty and each made in a different way. However, some of them have gained immense fame making women prefer them first. So, here we are trying to track a few of the best picks of sarees from every part of India that make the hottest picks of the current times as well.

Benarasi Sarees – One of the most famous sarees of India, Benarasi sarees have always been known for the intense weaving style in different patters using different threads like silver, gold and zari. These sarees are made up of silk, also known as Benarasi silk and is well engraved. The designs that are engraved in this saree are inspired by the Mughals designs and are generally worn on the special occasion like a wedding or a high-profile function. The best way to enhance the beauty of the Benarasi saree is to wear it with heavy jewelry.

Kota Sarees – The saree gets its name from being made in Kota, Rajasthan at the earliest times, but now it gets manufactures in many other places of the country as well. The saree is also very famous and is made from the purest cotton fabric and silk threads. In every saree, you will find a common square type structure which is known as “Khats”. The sarees are finely woven and are very light-weighted.

Silk Sarees – Silk sarees have always been associated as an elite class wear for their charming and elegant look. They are made up from the costly fabric “silk” and are embroidered with silk or gold work. They too are very light-weight and are worn mainly at a time of huge celebration or function.

Chiffon Sarees – Chiffon sarees are everywhere in the scene. Every girl is making this saree as a must own attire in their wardrobe. The saree is very light weighted and stick to your body displaying the perfect figure you own. Even celebrities are showing their love for this saree and can be spotted wearing the fabric at many events.

Pink Chiffon Saree

However, these are just a few picks among huge options and you can get them from every store and mall. But, when you buy Indian sarees online, you come across many options that you may not get when you go and shop for it from a local store.

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Discover the types of groom wedding suits that are in the scene these days

Are you all set to get married this year, but still struggling with the thought of which attire to choose to wear on your D-day? Well, the thought to strike is a must when you are a groom because of the fact that compared to the bride, groom always have faced the scarcity of the wedding dress, but to give you a sense of relief, the recent revolution brought into the world of Indian fashion has broadened the option of wedding suits even for the grooms.

Grey Terry Rayon Readymade Blazer Suit

There are still many people who are not yet aware of the recent transformation made in the world of Indian fashion and those unaware group are the ones who suffer the scarcity of the groom wedding dress. The recent transformation and the introduction of the Indo-western wears have provided the groom the equal option of the wedding dresses as of the brides. So, now with so many options available, you don’t need to keep on pondering over the same thought of what to wear at your wedding and let us help you discover the types of groom wedding suits that are entirely in the scene these days.

Traditional Kurta and salwar – Yes, we are talking about the Kurta and salwar combinations. The attire looks pretty good and elegant when worn with an embellished kurta and simple but vibrant coloured salwar. The attire is even comfortable to carry and allows you to move freely even at the busiest day of your life and that is your wedding day.

Ever Stylish Kurta and Churidaar – Kurta paired up with a churidaar is like an ever running attire for men. The attire becomes the first choice for every man who is about to get married to wear on his wedding day. Today, with a lot of transformation done. Kurta and Churidaar has gained the fame of the most preferred wedding attire for men. With the additional touch of a scarf and a perfect turban, you will appear no less than any prince.

Fashionable Dhoti Kurta – Yes, you heard it right, we just mentioned the attire Dhoti Kurta. Though many believe that this particular attire has been gone out of the scene long ago, they must not have been aware of the other fact that the recent transformation of the Indian fashion world has brought back Dhoti Kurta into the scene again, especially as a wedding suit. Today, the dhoti has been revamped in a whole better way and  with this helping grooms to acquire the best look at their wedding. Today’s Dhoti Kurta has become much more fashionable than what it used to be earlier.

Sherwani – This attire is well suited for those wishing to look royal at their wedding. With a  lot of embellishment done on sherwani, this generally is paired up with a churidaar. Sherwani become the most common choice for most of the grooms to wear at their wedding. Make sure that you are picking up the right combination of colours.

Bandhgala ­– Bandhgala is a new addition to the list of wedding attires for men and the dress is gaining immense popularity for giving a break in the stereotypical way of wedding clothes. Paired up with a loose salwar, this attire gives you a royal yet sensational look.

When you know that one of the dress code among the mentioned ones are going to become your wedding dress, make sure that you shop from the right place to get the best outfit to wear on your special day. Online shopping is one of the best ways to avail the best varieties and maximum options to choose your attire.

Amafhh is counted among those online stores that focuses mainly on the traditional Indian clothing and offers an array of options in the same. You will get your ideal outfit for the wedding day at Amafhh, at a suitable price and of the high quality. Shop today!

Style yourself uniquely with distinctive Nehru Jacket Combinations

Nehru Jacket has turned to be one of the most preferred Indian outfits by men in recent times. Although, the concept of this outfit is not new and long ago, our very first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru initiated the style, it seems to rock the recent world of Indian fashion on a whole new way.

The credit for bringing it in the fashion scenario goes entirely to the designers of the new era who shifted their focus from designing and recreating the western fashion statement to revamping the Indian traditional wear. The revolution brought into the world of Indian fashion was much needed as for a considerable period of time, Indian clothing went into oblivion and the revamped version of Indian clothing helped it reach again to the heights.

When talking about Nehru Jacket then it is a must to mention that it has become a new trend setter in the men’s fashion league. What makes men more exciting is the fact that Nehru jacket can be paired up with many outfits and combinations. Here, we bring out some of the best Nehru Jacket combinations of the current time.

Maroon Art Silk Readymade Nehru Jacket

Nehru Jacket with Kurta Pyjama – With the revived Indian traditional clothes, Kurta Pajama again have become a favorite attire for men and with the introduction of the Nehru Jacket, men are having one more option of wearing a unique traditional wear. This combination has become so popular that many celebrities are following this dress code.

Nehru Jacket with Jodhpuri – Jodhpuri in itself is a unique way of clothing and even after Indian traditional clothing fell into oblivion, this dress code never ceased to be worn and many royal families of Rajasthan, and after the introduction of Nehru Jacket, men have found one more dress combinations added in the list. This attire gives a unique look with a royal touch.

Nehru Jacket with Dhoti Kurta – Dhoti Kurta is that one attire that has been followed since the time immemorial and still is one of the most worn Indian attire in many regional parts of India. However, today, many are wearing this attire on special function in urban areas and even in major cities and pairing it up with Nehru Jacket makes you achieve a distinctive look at the crowd. Nonetheless, you are advised to wear the attire suiting the occasion.

Nehru Jacket with pant and shirt – This attire is every men’s favorite and men can easily be spotted this combination in most of the occasions. The attire is an ideal way of dressing to hit the most high-profile function to a low-key occasion.

After you have realized the recent and the most hit Nehru Jacket Combinations, try shopping for these combinations from an online store that offers a great variety of options to choose among. Among many online stores, Amafhh is one online store that focuses mainly on the Indian traditional and Indo-western wears. Here, you will get the best collections of the Nehru Jacket based on different types, sizes and designs.