Everyday Casual Styling for Indian Men

In this day and age, fashion is all about fluidity and personalization and as a result of that no one garment can be effectively put in to a box labeled casual wear, work wear or party wear. In fact, how one chooses to style a garment largely decides if it is a casual look or not. Different garments can be easily worn together to form a complete ensemble that can be deemed casual in nature. Contemporary fashion has made it so that one can easily transform any kind of garment in to casual wear, formal wear or party wear. It is definitely all about styling. Contemporary fashion is truly fluid and trends change every few months. Yes there are certain styling tips that one can follow for classic casual styling so let’s read further to know more.

Casual Nehru Jackets

Casual Nehru Jackets.jpg

If you have finer tastes and you are aiming for classic casual look than the Nehru jacket for casual styling is your best bet. These jackets are available in a wide range of fabrics and are great for both summer and winter wear depending upon your fabric of choice. For perfect casual styling, wear a lightweight Nehru jacket over a tee and denims or chinos. One can complete this look with appropriate casual shoes or loafers. Nehru jackets are widely available online and at garment stores.

Kurta Pyjama for Casual Wear

Kurta Pyjama for Casual Wear.jpg

Nothing beats the kurta pyjama for comfort oriented casual wear. The cotton fabric kurta pyjama is truly a simple ensemble with minimum a trapping however its appeal to Indian men is incomparable and that is exactly what makes the kurta pyjama so great for everyday wear. These ethnic ensembles are widely worn in India for casual wear and many men wear the kurta pyjama even while at home. It is definitely the ultimate comfort wear.

Slim Fit Chinos and Denims

Slim Fit Chinos and Denims.jpg

When it comes to bottoms for men, slim fit chinos and denims are trending in a big way. These bottoms can be easily paired with tees and casual shirts and pairing the bottoms with uppers in contrasting colors is definitely the way to go.

Casual Floral and Flannel Shirts

Casual Floral and Flannel Shirts.jpg

Adding floral and flannel shirts to your wardrobe are a great idea if you are looking to stock up on trendy casual wear. These vibrant colored shirts are your ideal casual wear purchase and can easily be styled with your denims and chinos for everyday wear.

T-shirts for Men

T-shirts for Men.jpg

When it comes to casual styling, like it or love it, t-shirts are here to stay and they are a fashion constant. Current trends have made printed t-shirts much sought after and very popular. One can purchase a wide range of t-shirts online and enjoy varied quirky prints. One can choose from polka dots, slogans, and cartoon characters, humorous t-shirts and even block colors or single color t-shirts. Tees are perfect for pairing with your denims and shorts for everyday casual styling.


Buy Kurta Pyjama Online for Diwali

buy-kurta-pyjama-online-for-diwaliDiwali will be here in a few days and most of us, men included will be scrambling to purchase Indian ethnic garments to wear on the occasion of Diwali as is the custom. While men can pick from a wide range of garments for this festive celebration, the Kurta pyjama ensemble is most elegant and yet comfortable traditional look to go for. One way to invest in a great traditional outfit for the festivities is to buy Kurta pyjama online. Read further to know more about online shopping for Kurta pyjama.

 Wide Range of Kurta Pyjama Ensembles

One can choose from an impressive collection of ethnic ensembles while shopping online, simply make a search for Kurta pyjama and you are bound to find a plethora of ecommerce offering you the garment of your choice. Now compare that to a trip to the mall, the product pool you get to choose from is definitely much smaller and quite a hassle if you have to resort to checking out more than one store to get an ensemble that is appealing to you. This is just one good reason to buy Kurta pyjama online however learn more about the choices you have when shopping for this garment online.

Varied Fabrics and Designs

When you decide to buy Kurta pyjama online take your time to browse through different websites as you are bound to face the choice of which fabric and design is preferable for you. This job is comparatively easier to shopping at a mall or boutique as you can conveniently narrow your search down to exactly what you want. For example you can enter a search on Google for slim fit white cotton Kurta pyjama and Google would satisfy your query by coming up with relevant searches. There are definitely a wide range of Kurta pyjama ensembles and they are just a mouse click away if you have decided to buy Kurta pyjamas online.


Indian Ethnic Fashion Trends that are Popular Amongst Foreign Celebs

Western celebrities and especially the glitterati of Hollywood are well tuned in to fashion trends from around the world and elements of Indian ethnic fashion hasn’t escaped their attention which is why it is quite common to see western celebs looking fab in Indian ensembles and readily adopting Indian trends. Read further to know more about western celebs and personalities readily adopting Indian ensembles and trends and scroll down to look at some stunning pictures of western celebs flaunting desi swag.

The Bindi


The Bindi has been readily adopted by Hollywood celebs and those from the American music industry. Selena Gomez is just one prominent example of an actor and singer who has often sported the Bindi. Other stars who are known for flaunting the Bindi are Madonna, Gwen Stephani, Nicole Scherzinger and Kendall Jenner.

The Nose Ring or Nose Pin


Many western celebs have readily adopted the nose ring or nose pin and have made red carpet appearances wearing this Indian ethnic accessory. Amongst the celebs who have made red carpet moments wearing the nose ring or nose pin are Christina Aguilera, Rumer Willis, Ke$ha and Demi Lovato.



Celebrities and influential personalities have many important Indian friends and that calls for attending Indian weddings and experimenting with Indian fashion. In recent times both Ashton Kutcher and Mark Zuckerberg have been photographed wearing the kurta pyjama.



The Saree is popular the world over and it is no surprise that many Hollywood celebs have adopted the saree and worn this beautiful ensemble on the red carpet or on ramp walks. Naomi Campbell stunned the fashion world in a black and gold saree by Sabyasachi, Lady Gaga did a fashion shoot in a Tarun Tahiliani saree and many others have worn this popular ethnic ensemble.

Raksha Bandhan Styling Tips for Men

Raksha Bandhan is a popular festival celebrated all over India. This festival is dedicated day for men to honor their sister and vice-versa. This festival finds its roots in Hinduism however it is widely celebrated all over India by people of all religions. The celebrations mostly take place in the day time and the custom involves a sister tying a symbolic colorful cord around the wrist of her brother. Generally this is followed by a full course family meal or even dining out. Like most occasions, Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated by wearing bright ethnic ensembles and both men and women dress up in ethnic wear for this festival. Bearing in mind that ethnic wear trends are constantly evolving, read further to know more about ethnic wear styling tips for men for the upcoming Raksha Bandhan celebrations.

Casual Kurta Pyjama with Nehru Jackets

Kurta Pyjama with Nehru Jackets

The Kurta Pyjama is a staple for most Indian festivals however one can add a lot more desi swag to ones look by pairing the kurta pyjama with a trendy Nehru jacket. The Nehru jacket comes in a wide range of fabrics and colors and one can buy these ethnic garments online or at a store. For the occasion of Raksha Bandhan one can pair up a casual white slim fit kurta pyjama with a bright and vibrant colored Nehru jacket or it can work the other way around and one can pair up a vibrant colored ensemble with a white, cream or beige Nehru jacket. Stick to Nehru jackets in fabrics like Khadi, linen and cotton for day wear on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

Kurta with Denims and Straight Legged Trousers

Kurta with Denims and Straight Legged Trousers

For a more casual and less dressy look, men can pair up the kurta with straight legged trousers and denims. This look is casual yet stylish and perfect for day wear.  One can achieve a dapper indo-western look with a pastel shade kurta with dark blue denims or a vibrant shade kurta with beige or white straight legged trousers.

Jodhpur Pants

Jodhpur Pants

The Jodhpur pants are another ethnic silhouette one might want to try out for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. The Jodhpur pants work best with a casual mandarin collar shirt and Nehru jacket. This look is dapper and sophisticated while at the same time casual. This is a great outfit for family dining out plans on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

Bandhgala Blazer

Bandhgala Blazer

The bandhgala blazer is the full sleeved version of the Nehru jacket that can be worn as the upper half of a suit or even paired up with casual trousers and denims. The bandhgala blazer for summer wear and the occasion of Raksha Bandhan would be best when stitched in comfortable summer wear fabrics like cotton, linen and Khadi. Opt for the usual subtle yet trendy colors like blue, grey, beige, tan and white. Bandhgala blazers are easily available online or at a store near you giving you good reason to try this trendy blazer on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.


Eid Fashion for Men

Eid is around the corner and like any other festival celebrated around the world Eid is a time for merry making, grand feasts and fashion. During this joyous festivals followers of Islam end a whole month of fasting with thanksgiving prayers, feasting with family and friends and much merry making. Like most other major festivals, this important occasion also encourages men, women and children to wear new clothes and look their best. In countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, followers of Islam celebrate Eid by wearing bright and vibrant ethnic clothing that is often embellished or embroidered. While men and women both dress in their ethnic best, let us look in to fashion for men and the choicest Eid garments for men. Read further to know more.

The Kurta Pyjama is One of Favored Eid Garments for Men

The Kurta Pyjama is One of Favored Eid Garments for Men

The Kurta Pyjama is one of the most favored outfits for Eid prayers. This simple yet elegant ensemble is most favored in simple white cotton fabric for special prayers on the occasion of Eid by young and old men alike however many are now opting for bright vibrant colors like red, green, yellow and purple.

Sherwani for Eid Celebrations

Sherwani for Eid Celebrations

After special Eid prayers many men opt for the sherwani for Eid celebrations. This resplendent ethnic overcoat is definitely on e of the most popular examples of favored Eid garments for men and is easily available online or at a store near you.

Bandhgala Blazers and Nehru Jackets for Eid Celebrations

Bandhgala Blazers and Nehru Jackets for Eid Celebrations

Nehru jackets and bandhgala blazers make for great festive wear during the Eid celebrations. These trendy jackets and blazers are very versatile and can be easily worn with western and ethnic wear. One can easily team up the Nehru jacket or bandhgala blazer with a mandarin collar shirt and trousers or pair the Nehru jacket with a kurta pyjama ensemble.

Men’s Desi Fashion Trends for Eid

After a month of fasting and prayer Muslims around the world celebrate the joyous festival of Eid al-Fitr. With the high population of followers of Islam on the Indian subcontinent and primarily in countries such as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, Eid is celebrated with much fervency in these countries. A month of fasting and prayer known as Ramadan comes to the night of Chaand Raat which means Night of the Moon which is declaration for an end to fasting and a call to celebrations and special prayers marks the festival of Eid. As it is with most celebrations across the world, Eid is day of feasting and merriment. Quite alike any other major festival Eid is day when children, men and women dress in their finest clothes. In contemporary times, many opt for western formals and casuals however a majority of the followers of Islam celebrate Eid wearing trendy, vibrant and colorful ethnic garments as tradition demands. Ethnic fashion for men on the festive occasion of Eid mainly centers on kurta pyjamas however contemporary fashion trends have made other options like the sherwani, Bandhgala Jackets and Nehru jackets just as popular. Read further to know more about desi  fashion trends for men for the occasion of Eid.

Style Your Kurta Pyjama with a Nehru Jacket

Style Your Kurta Pyjama with a Nehru Jacket

While it is customary to wear the kurta pyjama or other variations of this garment for prayers on the day of Eid, one can easily add some ethnic class to this look with a Nehru Jacket teamed up with the kurta pyjama. Go for the all white look for prayers as this is what tradition demands and there is nothing wrong with a tradition that has men looking dapper and suave and at the same time elegant and peaceful. For an after prayer look, simply swap your white Nehru jacket with one in a vibrant color such as royal blue, sophisticated beige or a bright red.

Kurta Pyjamas in Vibrant Shades

Kurta Pyjamas in Vibrant Shades

If you are looking to add some color to your look, it is definitely recommended to try high sheen grey, silver and black kurta pyjama ensembles with an ornate embroidered Nehru jacket. This is a traditional yet contemporary choice that will definitely find favor with younger men looking to enjoy the festivities in style. A great pair of mojris is the perfect finishing touch to this look.

Festive Sherwanis

Festive Sherwanis

If you’re festive plans include looking dapper in a sherwani, its best to opt for a garment in a vibrant color such as royal blue that unembellished an unembroidered. This is because embroidered and embellished sherwanis are best reserved for your wedding day. Match your vibrant sherwani with a sober shade salwar bottoms and tan or brown mojris. Remember with men’s fashion, less is more unless it’s your wedding.

Bandhgala Blazers

Bandhgala Blazers

If you are looking for a more contemporary look and you prefer western silhouettes, it definitely quite a look when you pair up a Bandhgala blazer with Jodhpur pants and pointed toe shoes. Complete the look with a pocket square and look like royalty on the joyous occasion of Eid.

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Wedding Party and Reception Wear for Men

The wedding season is right around the corner which means both men and women will be shopping for upcoming weddings, they plan to attend. While women have a wide range of garments both ethnic and western they can choose from and they are quite educated on the subject of what to wear at weddings, many men lack comprehensive knowledge on the subject. So it’s only fair that we take some time to enlighten men on the do’s and don’ts of wedding wear for men. Read further to know more about how to dress at weddings without under dressing or over dressing an overshadowing the groom.

Kurta Pyjamas for Wedding Wearaa

Example of Great Kurta Pyjama for Wedding Wear for Guests

Kurta pyjamas are the perfect ensemble for wedding wear for men if the affair you are about to attend has a traditional dress code. In most parts of the country, the groom wears a sherwani on his wedding day. Since the day obviously belongs to the bride and groom, you might want to keep in mind that in terms of sartorial choices, you may not want to overshadow the groom. In that case the Kurta Pyjama is the perfect ensemble for you. One must keep in mind that even here there are do’s and don’ts.


  • Do not wear an overly embellished or embroidered kurta pyjama ensemble as you do not want to over shadow the groom.
  • Do not go for kurta pyjamas in gold, red or variations of the color red, these colors are generally reserved for the bride and groom.


  • The Idea is to look good without over shadowing the groom, so there must be a subtle element of style and class in your sartorial choices.
  • Pick out a kurta pyjama ensemble in high sheen fabrics that is slim fitted. Let the fabric and cut to the talking as embellishments and embroidery is best reserved for the groom.
  • Go for bright colors like royal blue, silver, steel grey or even classic shades like white and black. In case of black kurta pyjamas, a minimum amount of embroidery would insure that you do not look like you are attending a funeral.
  • Style your white kurta pyjama ensemble with a great vibrant shade Nehru Jacket just so you don’t look like you are attending a political rally. If not simply go for a minimally embroidered white ensemble.
  • Complete your traditional look with a great pair of embroidered mojris.


Sherwanis for Wedding Wear


Great Example of Sherwani for Wedding Wear for Guests

In certain parts of the country, the kurta pyjama is the favored choice of the groom for wedding wear. In such cases it may be wise to opt for a sherwani that has minimum embellishments and embroidery. Listed below are some of the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while picking out a sherwani for a wedding you intend to attend.


  • Once again avoid colors like red, maroon and variations of these colors as these shades are reserved for the bride and groom.
  • Opt for sherwanis with minimal gold and silver thread embroidery as you do not want to over shadow the groom.


  • Opt for Classic shade Sherwanis like grey, black and steel grey.
  • Minimum silver thread embroidery should be enough to accentuate your outfit.
  • Let the cut and silhouette do most of the talking.


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