Add Designer Salwar Kameez Suits to Your Closet in 2016

Add Designer Salwar Kameez Suits to Your Closet in 2016

2016 is another year to indulge in a wide range of fashion trends however even as we stock up on skinny jeans, graphic tees and other western wear garments, ethnic wear is always on our mind. There is a good reason for this, it is a known fact in India that western garments do not compare to the sheer creativity and craftsmanship employed to create high fashion ethnic wear. Amongst ethnic wear sarees and salwar kameez suits are the most commonly and frequently worn garments by women which is why it would be a good idea to create a look book for twenty sixteen with some of the best designer salwar kameez suits. Borrow and be inspired by the top 8 casual and occasional salwar kameez suits displayed below to help you create an ethnic look book for 2016.

Peach and Grey Manish Malhotra Salwar Suit


Late last year Kajol was spotted at an event wearing this peach and grey Manish Malhotra salwar suit. This suit is typical of what is currently trending in ethnic fashion. Lace, ultra feminine floral embroidery, sheer dupatta and high sheen grey churidar pants. This suit has it all.

Casual Wear Salwar Suit by Manish Malhotra


Many Indian women prefer the salwar suit for every day casual wear for the comfort and easy mobility it offers. This vibrant short kurti and Patiala salwar combination is a good example of great designer salwar suits for casual wear.


Ritu Kumar Festive Wear Salwar Kameez


When it comes to authentic ethnic fashion, it is difficult to beat Ritu Kumar. This Varanasi weave festive salwar kameez is a good example for festive salwar kameez ensembles that should find a place in your look book for 2016. The exquisite embroidered neckline, the bright pink shades and gold embroidery truly complete this ensemble.

Ritu Kumar Casual Wear Salwar Kameez


If you are wondering whether this Ritu Kumar casual wear designer salwar kameez is similar to the look Deepika Padukone flaunted in the movie Piku, you are quite right. This salwar kameez is great example of ethnic work and casual wear trends for twenty sixteen.

Sabyasachi Stunning Black Salwar Kameez


If you are looking for inspiration in terms of designer salwar suits for party wear, your search ends here. This stunning black and gold Sabyasachi Mukherjee suit has all the perfect ingredients for evening wear.

Sabyasachi Casual Wear Salwar Suit


This exquisite lace stunning red salwar kameez is a great example to add to your look book for twenty sixteen. Perfect for evening wear for casual dinners and movie dates, this ensemble is a winner.

Satya Paul Festive Wear Salwar Suits


This is a great example of festive wear designer salwar suits by Satya Paul. This high fashion short kurti and Patiala salwar combination has a youthful appeal that is unmatched. Look out for the fine balance created by the elegant beige kurti and vibrant green salwar.

Casual Wear Satya Paul Salwar Suit


This elegant cream salwar suit is a great example of subtle ethnic fashion sensibilities minus embroidery and embellishments that is so important for comfort oriented fashion when picking out every day work and casual wear outfits.



Perfect Cotton Garments for Indian Women This Summer

Summers in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are quite harsh, the mercury soars and the humidity rises. For women in these countries comfortable summer wear is imperative in more ways than one. In countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh where summers are harsh, certain fabrics work best to beat the heat. Examples of these fabrics are linen, Khadi and cotton however the most favored of these fabrics is the cotton fabric. Cotton fabric known to be the most comfortable fabric for summer wear as this lightweight fabric absorbs sweat, is not easily stained, is mostly lightweight and its porous characteristic allows for easy breathability allowing the wearer to remain cool in harsh extremely hot conditions. All these varied factors make up for the popularity of cotton fabric garments for women. Read further to know more about some of the most popular cotton fabric garments like cotton salwar kameez, kurtis and sarees worn by women in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh that experience tropical summers that are generally hot and humid.

Cotton Kurtis

Cotton Kurtis

Cotton kurtis are widely favored by Indian women during the summer months. Apart from the comfort that cotton offers, these cotton kurtis are popular for a wide range of reasons. One factor which contributes to the high sales of these short tunics is the fact that these garments are both aesthetically appealing and extremely versatile. Cotton kurtis are available in a wide range of vibrant colors and often accentuated with beautiful floral and ethnic prints, embroidery and embellishments. These kurtis are extremely versatile as they can be easily worn with a wide range of bottoms. The cotton kurti can be paired up with denims, churidar bottoms, palazzo pants, peasant skirts and even Patiala salwars.

Cotton Salwar Kameez

Cotton Salwar Kameez

In countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh the Salwar kameez is one of the most popular garments for women and during the summer months the cotton salwar kameez reigns supreme. As a bonus to the comfort this garment provides during the hot summer months, the cotton salwar kameez ensemble is also extremely aesthetic and versatile. The salwar kameez comes in many different silhouettes. Some of the popular variations of the salwar are the Patiala Salwar Kameez ensemble, the straight salwar kameez and the Kalidar suit. All these different variations of the salwar kameez are easily available stitched in cotton fabric. The cotton salwar kameez is also extremely versatile as it can be worn for different occasions and different purposes. Depending on the embroidery and ornamentation work on this garment, the cotton salwar kameez can be worn every day to work and casual outings or even for special occasions like weddings and festivals.

Cotton Sarees

Cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees are also popular garments for summer wear in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as they provide comfort and are the traditional garments for most women in these regions. The contemporary cotton saree is printed, embroidered and embellished for aesthetic appeal however there are regional variations of the cotton saree like the taant or the Dhakai saree that are recognized by their traditional weaves and embroidery.

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Helpful Tips for Buying Designer Salwar Suits Online

12631424_567637493405873_3802430027776056842_n (1)Indian ethnic wear has a widespread market all over India and even neighboring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. For sellers looking to expand their market in India and abroad, e-commerce is the best and most viable option. Amongst Indian ethnic garments the salwar suit is one of the most popular options for most buyers. Perhaps equivalent to the saree or a close second, the salwar kameez comes in a wide range of variations, colors and designs. Many parts of India even have their own regional variation of the garment similar to the saree which has many variations in many parts of the country. Today while many people buy salwar suits from boutiques or clothing stores, many people prefer the hassle free process of buying designer salwar suits online. This is one method of purchase that saves money and time however there are a few points to consider while buying online. Read further to know more.

Helpful Tips

  • Whilst buying designer salwar suits online take in to consideration the purpose you intend to buy the particular garment for. If you are looking for a salwar kameez for every day wear to work or for casual outings, its best to buy a garment stitched with comfortable fabrics like cotton or linen.


  • If you are considering buying a salwar kameez suit for special occasions like festivals, wedding receptions and social gatherings, its best to buy a suit with detailed embroidery and embellishment work in high sheen fabrics like silk and georgette.


  • Whilst buying designer salwar suits online make sure to specify your size requirements as per the options provided on the e-commerce platform you are dealing with.


  • Carefully read through the fine print in regards to fabric and size variations. This insures that you finally receive a garment that not only fits but a garment stitched with fabrics you are comfortable with.


  • While purchasing online, be sure that the e-commerce platform provides you with a considerable amount of time to return the garment if you are not satisfied.


  • Buy only from accredited websites with secure payment options.


Top Five Pics of Hollywood Celebs Shining in Indian Ethnic Wear

Top five pics of Hollywood celebs in ethnic wear that just alleviated our appreciation for indigenous fashion in India.

In this age of the internet we are quick to pick up and religiously follow western trends and though Indian ethnic wear and indigenous fashion is limited to special occasions and weddings, we have to admit that in our quest to go global we neglect our own traditional wear. When western celebs who have access to worlds best designers and fashions give the usual a miss to try on ethnic garments from India, our appreciation of Indian ethnic wear is revived. Take a look at these top five pics of western celebs in Indian garments and swell up with pride for our very own ethnic fashion.


Victoria Beckham in a Bridal Saree


Victoria Beckham in Saree

In early 2008 Victoria Beckham appeared on the cover of Vogue Magazine in a Bridal Saree by one of India’s top designers. This petite lady looked resplendent in red and as desi as any Indian bride on her wedding day.


Naomi Campbell in Ornate Designer Sarees

Naomi Campbell in Ornate Designer Sarees

Naomi Campbell has enthralled the Indian fashion fraternity in designer sarees multiple times. In 2014 Miss Campbell wore an exquisite black and red lace and embroidered saree at the Charlotte Olympia dinner, a grand affair to launch Charlotte Olympia’s latest collection of handbags. Earlier Naomi Campbell stunned audience by walking the ramp in a saree at Lakme India Fashion Week.

Uma Thurman in Pink and Gold Salwar Kameez

Uma Thurman in Pink and Gold Salwar Kameez

Uma Thurman was recently photographed on the sets of the TV musical smash in a stunning pink and gold salwar kameez. The leggy actress who is often cited as Quentin Tarantino’s muse looked resplendent in this Indian avatar.

Lady Gaga in Elegant White Saree

Lady Gaga in Elegant White Saree

On her visit to India Lady Gaga was photographed wearing a stunning white Tarun Tahiliani saree with cats eye oversized shades. This popular singer/Golden Globe award winning actress won many hearts in the country with her larger than life persona.


Julia Roberts and her Love for Indian Ethnic Fashion

 Julia Roberts and her Love for Indian Ethnic Fashion

This practicing Hindu and Oscar winning actress is a known Indophile who has worn Indian garments in movies and photo shoots multiple times and each time she looked more stunning than the last.