Buying Variations of Cotton Saree Online

Its summer time and most Indians, men or women are reaching in to their closets for cotton summer wear that is stylish yet effectively beats the heat. For men it may be a cotton shirt or a cotton kurta pyjama but for women, the definite choice is the cotton saree. This is also the time of the year when many women add on more garments to their closets which includes a fair amount of cotton fabric ethnic wear like sarees. Many women choose to shop at boutiques and stores whilst many women choose to buy cotton sarees online. While shopping for cotton sarees online, it is worth your while understands the variations of cotton sarees and the different occasions one can wear these beautiful creations to. Read further to know more.

For Daily Wear

Navy Blue Georgette Plain Saree

Navy Blue Georgette Plain Saree

There are many variations of the cotton saree that can be worn for daily wear. While buying cotton sarees online, decide if you need them for daily work wear or occasional wear. If you looking for work wear sarees that are light weight and easy to wear everyday, it’s best to choose from a variety of printed and vibrantly colored cotton sarees. Regional variations of this garment like Bomkai saree, Sambhalpuri saree and Dhakai saree are perfect for everyday wear.

Festive Occasions

Pink & Blue Embroidered Saree

Pink & Blue Embroidered Saree

Fine regional cotton sarees like Taant, Kanjeevaram Cotton sarees and Khadi sarees are perfect for special occasions like festivals and wedding rituals. These festive sarees are considerably harder to drape and manage which makes them more suitable for special occasions. The Kanjeevaram cotton saree for example is know for it wide embroidered borders with temple motifs. This in itself makes it more suitable for weddings and festivals. The Taant saree is often starched and crisp which makes it aesthetically appealing but difficult to drape which is why women wear them only during special occasions. The coarse fabric of the Khadi saree also makes it difficult to drape and carry.




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