How to Buy Wedding Sherwani Online

A few important suggestions to keep in mind while buying wedding sherwanis online. The choices are endless and anybody could use a little help find the perfect wedding ensemble.

Nice Royal Blue Brocade Sherwani

Nice Royal Blue Brocade Sherwani

Your wedding day is a unique day, birthdays come every year, festivals too but most people hope to be successfully married only once. On this unique and auspicious day various cultures celebrate in different ways but one common thread that binds them all is the extravagant décor and wedding wear for men and women. In India a wedding is a grand affair like anywhere else in the world with double the amount of celebrations and colors. Colors and opulence dominate at Indian weddings and the bride groom’s sherwani is the perfect example of vibrant colors and opulence. For many Indian men choosing the correct Sherwani for their big day is an important decision that takes considerable time and also a considerable amount of window shopping to help close in on the final choice. This is one good reason to buy wedding sherwanis online as most e-commerce sites specializing in Indian ethnic wear have an extensive inventory of classic wedding sherwanis. Read further to know more.

How to Buy the Perfect Wedding Sherwani Online; Quick Helpful Tips

  • Buy only from certified e-commerce websites. When buying online its best to buy from websites that are certified and allow the use of all payments modes whether its credit cards, debit cards or pay on delivery.


  • The pay on delivery option is generally the best option as you get to pay the product price when you get the item in hand however it is not always possible to be available at the delivery spot when your package arrives, in that case its best to pay on a card secure website only.


  • Bearing in mind that the website you are dealing with has a clear money back policy, buy two garments instead of one. You don’t need to keep both however if you buy two different variations in your size, it would give you a chance to physically try another option on and arrive at your final choice.


  • Consider your options carefully before making a payment or placing an order. One needs to understand that a sherwani is available in various fabrics like linen and jacquard and with different embroidery treatments like zari and resham. Keep these in mind, weight out your preferences and then make your final choice.

Party Wear Jawahar Coats and Nehru Jackets

Add ethnic class to your wardrobe with party wear Jawahar coats and Nehru jackets and be the cynosure of all eyes at social events.

Parties almost always demand that you look good but also unique. The demand to be the one that catches the most eyes at a social gathering is ever present. A party is not like any other day at the office or your time spent at the mall. Under such circumstances, we are content to look like clones of each other. Suit and tie at work for all, denims and tees at the mall for all. At a party we intend to look special, we intend to look good but yet not be blended in with all the other well-dressed people in the room. We want to look unique and stand out just about enough to be seen and then heard and then admired.

How does one achieve this? The answer is simple; by making a statement with our sartorial choices. One way to do that for men would be to perfectly team up western party wear with ethnic garments, two outstanding examples would be the party wear Jawahar coat and the dapper Nehru Jacket. Read further to know more.

Party Wear Jawahar Coats

Attractive Light Brown Jute Linen Nehru Jacket

Attractive Light Brown Jute Linen Nehru Jacket

The Jawahar coat or the bandgala blazer is characterized by its western silhouette and its intrinsically ethnic mandarin collar. Named after the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Nehru, and the Jawahar coat started off as the epitome of power dressing for politicians but has now been adopted by the younger generation as a dapper ethnic garment for social events. This coat looks good with your denims and a tee or goes equally well with slim fit trousers and shirts.

Nehru Jacket

Maroon Art Silk Readymade Nehru Jacket

 Maroon Art Silk Readymade Nehru Jacket – Nehru Jackets

The Nehru jacket is a sleeveless jacket quite similar to the western waistcoat however what sets it apart and gives it a touch of ethnicity is the mandarin collar. This jacket is easily teamed up with western party wear or even a slim fit kurta pyjama for a festive event.


Top Five Men’s Blazer Jacket looks for 2016

All you need to know about men’s blazer jacket trends for twenty sixteen. Get helpful tips on how to style them right and match them up with other items in your closet with these top 5 style picks.

Men’s blazer jacket is the coolest trend this year and to be precise, they have been around for a while, yet only gaining in popularity. Easily worn for work, as casual wear or even special events, these trendy garments are the in thing in twenty sixteen. Having made that statement, it is important to clarify that men’s blazer jacket aren’t just trends that are here today and gone tomorrow. These are personal style statements that are going to be around for a while. Read further to know about how to effectively style blazer and jackets of any kind with our comprehensive list of top five looks involving blazers and jackets.

Bomber Jacket for Casual Wearaa

The bomber jacket is the typical casual wear jacket, best worn with a baseball cap, a round neck tee and denims for that boy next door casual look. Complete this look with a neat pair of sneakers.

Nehru Jacket for Casual Wear


While the Nehru Jacket is an intrinsically Indian ethnic garment initially only worn with other ethnic garments, since late 2014 it has become increasingly trendy to team up the sleeveless Nehru Jacket with casual trousers, denims and round neck tees. This trend is popular amongst college student and young professionals.

Bandhgala Blazer with Denims


Saif Ali Khan totally nails the posh yet casual look with his bandhgala blazer and denim trousers combination. This look is complete with an appropriate pocket square and exquisite tan pointed toe shoes.

Bandhgala Blazer with Jodhpurs


Trends are temporary but style is eternal and nobody does it better than Rahul Khanna with the classic bandhgala blazer and jodhpurs combination. A rose in your button hole and classic black tie up shoes would definitely complete this look which is appropriate for formal events and gatherings.

Nehru Jacket with Slim Fit Kurta Pyjama

This is one classic look that is huge hit at Indian festivals and weddings. This fully desi look effectively teams together a slim fit high sheen fabric kurta pyjama with a contrasting color Nehru Jacket. This is the most sought after ethnic look for men since 2015 and will continue to trend in 2016.

The Dapper Charm Kurtas for Men

Everything you need to know about the dapper kurtas for men; styling this tunic, fabrics it is stitched from and ornamentation and embroidery work.



 By the definition kurtas for men are long, knee level, button less tunics worn in most of South Asia. Widely popular in countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, there are multiple variations of the kurta in India alone. The different variations of kurtas are characteristic of the regions they come from and the fabrics and ornamentation used. For example; the Lucknowi kurta is famous in Uttar Pradesh whilst the Punjabi Pyjama is very popular in greater Bengal which includes West Bengal and Bangladesh. Read further to know more.

Widespread Popularity

The kurta is widely popular as mentioned before and that is mainly owing to its versatility and the fact that it is extremely comfortable. The free flowing silhouette is easy to wear for long hours and the varied fabric that it is stitched from insures that kurta can be worn in all seasons. This garment is worn for casual use, formal wear and even festive and wedding wear. The fabric and ornamentation largely decides the purpose of wear.


The kurta is generally worn with pyjama pants for a complete ethnic look however it is often also worn with denims or straight legged semi formal trousers for an indo-western look. This trend is hugely popular with youngsters which include young working professionals on their day off. The slim fit variation of the kurta in high sheen vibrant colored fabrics like silk and jacquard is often worn with slim fitting churidar pants for that sharp crisp look. This trend is popular with younger men at weddings and festivals.

Fabrics and Embroidery

Kurtas for men are stitched from a wide range of fabrics. The everyday casual wear kurtas are generally stitched from a wide range of fabrics. Casual summer wear kurtas are generally stitched from cotton, cotton blends and linen whilst festive and wedding wear kurtas are stitched from high sheen fabrics like silk and jacquard. Kurtas for festive wear are often beautified with embroidery and ornamentation like zari, resham, zardosi and stone work.


Buy Online For Bandhgala Blazers, Slim Fit Kurta Pyjamas and Sherwanis

With the huge inventory of Indian ethnic garments available on e-commerce websites and the convenience of shopping from home, its best to buy online for bandhgala blazers, slim fit kurta pajamas and sherwanis.

Cobalt Blue Jute Blazer

Cobalt Blue Jute Blazer

Indian ethnic wear continues to be popular even in the face of India seeing an influx of western trends and styles like never before. The internet has brought about a fashion revolution in India; we need not wait for western trends to reach us when Indian designers decide to borrow from western designers anymore. It’s all the there for the taking in the form of international fashion blogs and e-commerce websites selling western wear, In the face of this onslaught of western trends, the demand for Indian ethnic has not diminished in any way as Indian fashion is also well represented online. E-commerce websites specializing in ethnic wear can truly boast of an extensive inventory with the best of Indian wear which is why it is a good idea to buy online bandhgala blazers, slim fit kurta pyjamas and sherwanis to add to your ethnic wear collection.

Convenience and Variety

Most men do not prefer spending long hours in a mall or boutique looking through its inventory trying to pick up one to two clothing items that look and fit best. This whole ordeal can be bypassed when shopping online. This is the primary convenience when one decides to buy online bandhgala blazers and other ethnic wear. Bearing in mind that there is a considerable amount of e-commerce websites specializing in Indian ethnic wear for men and women, there is also a huge inventory of garments just a mouse click away. Fabric specifications, sizes and availability are mostly displayed for the customer at home to make an informed choice. Shopping online is made easier with the option of paying right away with a credit or debit card or paying on delivery. Returning an unwanted item after purchase is also possible within a specified period of time which varies depending on different e-commerce brands. Purchasing online from a certified website can truly be a satisfying experiment.


Top Five Pics of Hollywood Celebs Shining in Indian Ethnic Wear

Top five pics of Hollywood celebs in ethnic wear that just alleviated our appreciation for indigenous fashion in India.

In this age of the internet we are quick to pick up and religiously follow western trends and though Indian ethnic wear and indigenous fashion is limited to special occasions and weddings, we have to admit that in our quest to go global we neglect our own traditional wear. When western celebs who have access to worlds best designers and fashions give the usual a miss to try on ethnic garments from India, our appreciation of Indian ethnic wear is revived. Take a look at these top five pics of western celebs in Indian garments and swell up with pride for our very own ethnic fashion.


Victoria Beckham in a Bridal Saree


Victoria Beckham in Saree

In early 2008 Victoria Beckham appeared on the cover of Vogue Magazine in a Bridal Saree by one of India’s top designers. This petite lady looked resplendent in red and as desi as any Indian bride on her wedding day.


Naomi Campbell in Ornate Designer Sarees

Naomi Campbell in Ornate Designer Sarees

Naomi Campbell has enthralled the Indian fashion fraternity in designer sarees multiple times. In 2014 Miss Campbell wore an exquisite black and red lace and embroidered saree at the Charlotte Olympia dinner, a grand affair to launch Charlotte Olympia’s latest collection of handbags. Earlier Naomi Campbell stunned audience by walking the ramp in a saree at Lakme India Fashion Week.

Uma Thurman in Pink and Gold Salwar Kameez

Uma Thurman in Pink and Gold Salwar Kameez

Uma Thurman was recently photographed on the sets of the TV musical smash in a stunning pink and gold salwar kameez. The leggy actress who is often cited as Quentin Tarantino’s muse looked resplendent in this Indian avatar.

Lady Gaga in Elegant White Saree

Lady Gaga in Elegant White Saree

On her visit to India Lady Gaga was photographed wearing a stunning white Tarun Tahiliani saree with cats eye oversized shades. This popular singer/Golden Globe award winning actress won many hearts in the country with her larger than life persona.


Julia Roberts and her Love for Indian Ethnic Fashion

 Julia Roberts and her Love for Indian Ethnic Fashion

This practicing Hindu and Oscar winning actress is a known Indophile who has worn Indian garments in movies and photo shoots multiple times and each time she looked more stunning than the last.

Indo Western Dresses for Grooms, Wedding Wear Trends for 2016

Indo western dresses for men feature high up on the list of wedding fashion trends for men in 2016.


Dashing Jute Indo-Western Sherwani

Around the world fashion trends come and go but in India ethnic fashion is timeless. From the humble kurta pyjama to the elaborate sherwani, ethnic wear for Indian men has it all and all of these are magnified manifold at the great Indian wedding experience. Like anywhere else in the world, a wedding is a day when both, man and his would be wife do everything in their power to look their best. In most of the western world all a man has to his benefit is a well fitted tuxedo on his wedding day but when you compare that to the Indian sherwani or the kurta pyjama, it is rather bland. This sheer beauty of these traditional garments does not go unnoticed which is why it is still popular with Indian grooms and designers in India are forever reinventing these traditional garments to keep up with the times. This constant state of reinvention has given way to indo western dresses for a groom which is the highlight of fashion trends in 2016. Read further to know more.

Western Silhouettes and Indian Design

The idea behind indo-western dresses for grooms is the perfect amalgamation of western silhouette and Indian design. For example, the indo-western sherwani is not much unlike a mandarin collar blazer however there is still much ethnic charm here with exotic traditional fabrics like silk and jacquard and traditional embellishments like resham, zari and zardosi. Ethnic patterns in floral and foliage forms perfectly add to the essentially desi look. The slim fit kurta pyjama is also a perfect example for Indian design meeting western silhouettes. Perfectly fitted to the contours of the male body, this trendy new-age kurta takes it inspiration from a slim fit dress shirt and adds desi charm to it with fabrics like silk, khadi and jacquard. All in all, this is the perfect fusion of ino-western fashion sensibilities for the modern Indian groom.