Bollywood Stars Set Trends on the Red Carpet and Other Star Studded Events

In India we look to Bollywood stars for fashion inspiration and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as these stars are often advised and assisted by the best stylists and fashion designers in the country when it comes to their sartorial choices. With the intense media glare and the unforgiving fashion police on their backs, stars now step out on to the red carpet in ethnic and western garments that are in keeping with the latest trends and fads. This fact can serve as an advantage for the common fashion conscious people like us who may not be able to afford a stylist to keep us on track in terms of fashion trends and one way to be inspired is by observing our favorite stars on the red carpet. It may not be feasible watch every red carpet event on the telly however one can simply Google search terms like Bollywood stars at Cannes or Bollywood red carpet and watch your favorite stars in ethnic wear like  Bandhgala Blazers, Sherwanis, Sarees and or even western wear like Tuxedos and Gowns. Look through our top picks of Bollywood stars looking like royalty on the red carpet and other star studded events and gain inspiration on how to apply these looks to your own wardrobe for the next big event you are meant to attend.

Ranveer Singh in a Sherwani at a promotional Photo shoot for Bajirao Mastani



During the promotions of the movie Bajirao Mastani, Ranveer and Deepika posed for a photo shoot in ethnic ensembles as the movie is a period action drama come love story. In this picture Ranveer looks dapper in an outfit that makes for a good wedding sherwani. Next time you are shopping for wedding sherwanis, for a wedding you intend to attend or even if you are the one getting married, here is a great look to be inspired by.

Sonam Kapoor in an Ellie Saab Gown at Cannesbb

Sonam Kapoor who is the Indian face of L’Oreal looks resplendent in a black Ellie Saab gown at the Cannes film festival. While this starlet has made a name for herself as a fashionista, her critically acclaimed performance in the movie Neerja has finally got her recognition as an actor.

Sonam Kapoor at Cannes Again


While Aishwarya Rai has made countless appearances at Cannes, her red carpet choices have been mostly fails however Sonam Kapoor stuns with a new look every time at Cannes. This picture is from Cannes 2013 and Sonam Kapoor looks gorgeous in a cape saree and stunning nose ring. Let this saree be your inspiration for a stunning wedding saree.

Arjun Rampal at Cannesdd

Who can forget Arjun Rampal at Cannes looking like a gentleman and yet so intrinsically Indian dapper in his bandhgala blazer and Jodhpur style trousers at Cannes. Next time you need fashion inspiration for a wedding you need to attend be inspired by this unique look to this look instead of the usual sherwanis for weddings.



2016 Trends: Accessories for Women

Many people claim to feel underdressed in the absence of proper accessories to match with their outfit whether it’s daily wear or festive wear. This phenomenon is gaining more prominence as the right accessories are becoming just as important as wearing the right garments and just like garments annual trends decide whether an accessory is worth your money or worth a miss. Listed below are some of the top 10 accessories for 2016 that are worth adding to your closet. Read further to gain insight on how to shop right when shopping for accessories for women.

Shoulder Dusters


Shoulder Dusters are long elaborate earrings that reach the shoulders. These earrings have been trending in a big way since 2015 and continue to trend this ear. Invest in a pair in any precious metal like gold, silver or platinum.

Pop Color Clutches and Handbags for Women


Leather clutches and handbags for women are accessories that will simply never go out of style. Invest in a posh leather pop colored clutch for women for special occasions and parties to pair up with both ethnic and western wear. For casual wear, sling bags for women and unisex duffel bags continue to trend in 2016.

Belts for Women


Belts for Women

Simple and sleek slim fit belts for women in faux leather and pure leather continue to trend in 2016. The belts are best worn with palazzo pants and formal suits for that posh look. Slim belts for women are definitely examples of high fashion at its sophisticated best.




Fine fabric scarves such as silk scarves and pashmina scarves will continue to trend in 2016. These high fashion accessories are best paired up with denims and a simple tee to create that indo-western fusion look. Take your pick from leopard print and floral pattern scarves for that essentially feminine vibe.

Sunglasses for Women


Sunglasses for Women

Every summer sunglasses for women are back with a bang and the trend continues in 2016 too which is why most major fashion houses are putting their money behind a range of high fashion eye wear. Aviators continue to trend this year however cats eye sunglasses are a retro fad that is making a comeback in a big way.

Luxury Watches for Women


Luxury Watches for Women

Luxury watches for women are an essentially accessory worth investing in. Take your pick from gold plated or platinum watches with diamonds encrusted that are sure to take you breathe away.

Hair Accessories


Hair Accessories

There is nothing more feminine than a beautiful brooch in your hair to complete your look when you wear an essentially feminine outfit like a summer dress or a lehenga choli. Hair accessories are trending in a big way in 2016.

Bracelets and Bangles


Bracelets and Bangles

Wear them the right way and wear the right kind and bracelets need not look like the stuff of teenage dreams. The example in the picture above is a good look to follow when wearing bracelets and bangles for every day wear.




Tiaras make for great fashion statements when worn for festive occasions and weddings with a lehenga choli or Anarkali suit. Look like an Indian princess with a statement piece tiara for a wedding or festive event after all desi chic will always trend in India.

Big and Bold Pop Colored Neck Pieces


Big and Bold Pop Colored Neck Pieces

Give dark monochrome and black outfits a splash of color with big and bold pop colored neck pieces for that shock and awe effect. Bold scarlet lip color and nail color will effectively compliment this look which is perfect for parties and social gatherings. Rest assured that you will be the diva in the room with this look.


Buying Variations of Cotton Saree Online

Its summer time and most Indians, men or women are reaching in to their closets for cotton summer wear that is stylish yet effectively beats the heat. For men it may be a cotton shirt or a cotton kurta pyjama but for women, the definite choice is the cotton saree. This is also the time of the year when many women add on more garments to their closets which includes a fair amount of cotton fabric ethnic wear like sarees. Many women choose to shop at boutiques and stores whilst many women choose to buy cotton sarees online. While shopping for cotton sarees online, it is worth your while understands the variations of cotton sarees and the different occasions one can wear these beautiful creations to. Read further to know more.

For Daily Wear

Navy Blue Georgette Plain Saree

Navy Blue Georgette Plain Saree

There are many variations of the cotton saree that can be worn for daily wear. While buying cotton sarees online, decide if you need them for daily work wear or occasional wear. If you looking for work wear sarees that are light weight and easy to wear everyday, it’s best to choose from a variety of printed and vibrantly colored cotton sarees. Regional variations of this garment like Bomkai saree, Sambhalpuri saree and Dhakai saree are perfect for everyday wear.

Festive Occasions

Pink & Blue Embroidered Saree

Pink & Blue Embroidered Saree

Fine regional cotton sarees like Taant, Kanjeevaram Cotton sarees and Khadi sarees are perfect for special occasions like festivals and wedding rituals. These festive sarees are considerably harder to drape and manage which makes them more suitable for special occasions. The Kanjeevaram cotton saree for example is know for it wide embroidered borders with temple motifs. This in itself makes it more suitable for weddings and festivals. The Taant saree is often starched and crisp which makes it aesthetically appealing but difficult to drape which is why women wear them only during special occasions. The coarse fabric of the Khadi saree also makes it difficult to drape and carry.



Helpful Tips for Buying Designer Salwar Suits Online

12631424_567637493405873_3802430027776056842_n (1)Indian ethnic wear has a widespread market all over India and even neighboring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. For sellers looking to expand their market in India and abroad, e-commerce is the best and most viable option. Amongst Indian ethnic garments the salwar suit is one of the most popular options for most buyers. Perhaps equivalent to the saree or a close second, the salwar kameez comes in a wide range of variations, colors and designs. Many parts of India even have their own regional variation of the garment similar to the saree which has many variations in many parts of the country. Today while many people buy salwar suits from boutiques or clothing stores, many people prefer the hassle free process of buying designer salwar suits online. This is one method of purchase that saves money and time however there are a few points to consider while buying online. Read further to know more.

Helpful Tips

  • Whilst buying designer salwar suits online take in to consideration the purpose you intend to buy the particular garment for. If you are looking for a salwar kameez for every day wear to work or for casual outings, its best to buy a garment stitched with comfortable fabrics like cotton or linen.


  • If you are considering buying a salwar kameez suit for special occasions like festivals, wedding receptions and social gatherings, its best to buy a suit with detailed embroidery and embellishment work in high sheen fabrics like silk and georgette.


  • Whilst buying designer salwar suits online make sure to specify your size requirements as per the options provided on the e-commerce platform you are dealing with.


  • Carefully read through the fine print in regards to fabric and size variations. This insures that you finally receive a garment that not only fits but a garment stitched with fabrics you are comfortable with.


  • While purchasing online, be sure that the e-commerce platform provides you with a considerable amount of time to return the garment if you are not satisfied.


  • Buy only from accredited websites with secure payment options.