Popular Sarees from Bengal for Diwali and Durga Puja


Durga Puja is right around the corner and this is that time of the year when all the beautiful traditional Bengali sarees will come out of the closet. Listed below are some of the most popular sarees from Bengali that are ideal festive wear for Durga Puja. Please bear in mind that you can easily source any of these traditional sarees online if the list below inspires you enough to add a few of these sarees to your closet.

The Korial


The Korial silk saree which is also known colloquially in Bengali as the lal paar saree is an important feature of the Durga Puja festivities. This is the preffered saree by most Bengali married women who offer offerings to the goddess Durga. This saree is similar to the Garad saree in terms of color however the colors the red border on white the white saree is more prominent in this case. One can easily source this variation of the silk saree online.

Tussar Silks


Tussar silk that is cultivated from Mulberry Silk worms in the small town of Malda in Bengal is the essence of the Tussar silk saree that is sought after for its patta and buti designs and is a choice festive wear ensemble from Bengal.

The Garad


If you plan to buy the Garad silk saree online, it is important that you are effectively able to differentiate this saree from the similar Korial saree. The sure way to distinguish a Garad saree is the light red border with tiny floral patterns unlike the Korial which has plain vibrant red border.

Murshidabad Silk Saris


The Murshidabad silk saree is a prominent example of exquisite silk sarees from Bengal. These beautiful silk sarees enjoy iconic status in Bengal and one doesn’t need to go very far to get their hands on them as one can buy these sought after silk sarees online.

Dhakai Jamdani


Woven from exquisite Egyptian cotton, the Dhakai saree originates from erstwhile East Bengal which is now known as Bangladesh. While Bangladesh can claim credit for the beauty of this exquisite sarees, Bengalis swear by this cotton weave and it is not difficult to see why. Fortunately one can easily source these traditional cotton sarees online.


We need to go back to Murshidabad and visit the village of Baluchari near the Bhagirathi River for the beautiful Baluchari saree. This saree is defined by the beautiful Sanskrit texts and exquisite buti work on the pallu. This saree is also another staple traditional saree during the Durga Puja festivities. The Baluchari saree is an exquisite example of freely available traditional cotton sarees online.



If you have fair knowledge of traditional sarees than chances are you have heard of the taant saree. This crisp cotton sarees is the epitome of ethnic wear for women in Bengal. The taant saree is a staple at Durga Puja as it is often resplendent in red which is the color associated with the Goddess Durga.


Buy Kurta Pyjama Online for Diwali

buy-kurta-pyjama-online-for-diwaliDiwali will be here in a few days and most of us, men included will be scrambling to purchase Indian ethnic garments to wear on the occasion of Diwali as is the custom. While men can pick from a wide range of garments for this festive celebration, the Kurta pyjama ensemble is most elegant and yet comfortable traditional look to go for. One way to invest in a great traditional outfit for the festivities is to buy Kurta pyjama online. Read further to know more about online shopping for Kurta pyjama.

 Wide Range of Kurta Pyjama Ensembles

One can choose from an impressive collection of ethnic ensembles while shopping online, simply make a search for Kurta pyjama and you are bound to find a plethora of ecommerce offering you the garment of your choice. Now compare that to a trip to the mall, the product pool you get to choose from is definitely much smaller and quite a hassle if you have to resort to checking out more than one store to get an ensemble that is appealing to you. This is just one good reason to buy Kurta pyjama online however learn more about the choices you have when shopping for this garment online.

Varied Fabrics and Designs

When you decide to buy Kurta pyjama online take your time to browse through different websites as you are bound to face the choice of which fabric and design is preferable for you. This job is comparatively easier to shopping at a mall or boutique as you can conveniently narrow your search down to exactly what you want. For example you can enter a search on Google for slim fit white cotton Kurta pyjama and Google would satisfy your query by coming up with relevant searches. There are definitely a wide range of Kurta pyjama ensembles and they are just a mouse click away if you have decided to buy Kurta pyjamas online.


Shop Online for Trendy Men’s Ethnic Wear

Men’s shopping has become all the more pleasurable with the advent of e-commerce and online retail. Now men do not need to tolerate queues, crowds and trial rooms; all the things that we hate, anytime we want to buy something to add to our closet. Online shopping is as easy as sitting in front of the idiot box watching a game and eating pizza; all the things that men love which is enough impetus to hop aboard the online shopping craze. To add to that impetus here are the best of ethnic wear garments for men like kurta pyjamas, bandhgala blazers and Nehru jackets easily available online. Read further to know more.

Nehru Jackets Online

Buy Nehru Jackets Online

Buying Nehru jackets online is a great idea as these trendy jackets work well with most men’s clothing and is truly versatile. Nehru jackets make for great casual wear as they can be easily paired up with a mandarin collar casual shirt or a tee and denims while it also makes for great formal wear as you can wear it over a mandarin collar dress shirt with trousers and dress shoes. These jackets come in wide range of fabrics so one can easily take their pick from lightweight summer fabrics like linen and Khadi while one can also opt for warm winter wear jackets in woolen blends and velvet. Buying Nehru jackets online is a great idea as one can choose from a wide range of options and many e-commerce platforms also provide competitive discounts to attract customers during festive seasons.

Casual Kurta Pyjamas

Casual Kurta Pyjamas

Casual kurta pyjamas make for great every day ethnic wear and can easily be purchased online. This buttonless ethnic tunic and cotton bottoms combination ensemble is favored by many Indian men as it is elegant and sophisticated yet very casual and comfort oriented. Cotton fabric casual kurta pyjamas are one of the most popular ethnic wear garments for Indian men.

Festive Wear Kurta Pyjamas

Festive Wear Kurta Pyjamas

Kurta pyjamas in exquisite high sheen fabrics like silk, jacquard and brocade make for great festive and wedding wear garments for men. These ensembles are genrally designer made, highly embellished and ornamented or worn with an embroidered Nehru Jacket. These ensembles are truly in keeping with the Indian festive theme which involves vibrant colors and lots of bling.

Sherwanis for Wedding and Festive Wear

Sherwanis for Wedding and Festive Wear

In India the sherwani is highly favored and makes for trendy ethnic wear for weddings and festivals. These highly embroidered and embellished ethnic overcoats often worn over a kurta and pyjama or kurta and dhoti is mostly preferred by grooms across India. Many men even wear minimally embroidered and embellished sherwanis for festive events and social gatherings. The sherwani is truly the pinnacle of ethnic clothing for Indian men and the creativity that goes in to making these garments is indicative of that.

Bandhgala Blazers

Bandhgala Blazers

The Bandhgala blazer which is a full sleeved variation of the Nehru jacket is a very popular ethnic blazer. This blazer is preferred for its western silhouette and is best paired up with Jodhpur pants.







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