Trendy Casual Wear Tips for Women

Casual wear is an important part of any woman’s closet. These are the clothes we wear when aren’t at work and lounging out a home or simply spending time out of the home carrying out personal chores or socializing with friends and family. We expect what we wear to be both comfortable and trendy which is why carefully investing in casual wear is so important. Read further to get to know more about some of the most favored and widely accepted casual wear trends for women in 2016.

Palazzo and Kurtis

Palazzo and Kurtis.jpg

Image credit : jaypore

Cotton kurtis are bound to be an important part of any Indian woman’s casual wear collection. These tunics are trendy and comfortable and make for great summer wear. The kurti and palazzo trend is very popular amongst younger Indian women and is classy yet casual ensemble worth trying.

Kurtis and Tulle Skirts

Kurtis and Tulle Skirts.jpg

The Kurti and tulle skirt combination is ultra feminine, classy and yet casual and this is another reason to have kurtis in your closet. This stunning combination has a distinct Boho-chic appeal that finds a lot of acceptance amongst younger Indian women.

Lehenga and Tank Tops

Lehenga and Tank Tops.jpg

One way to rock a perfect indo-western look that incorporates the best of both western casual and desi swag is by pairing a tank top with a lehenga. One can buy a wide range of lehengas online or at an ethnic boutique however rocking this trend with a vibrant floral lehenga is your best bet.

Palazzo Suits

Palazzo Suits.jpg

If you happen to be a conservative dresser and prefer garments that are modest even for casual wear than the palazzo suit is a very trendy option to turn to. One can buy a wide range of palazzo suits online or at store near you. These suits come in a wide range of fabrics and prints.


3 Popular Lehenga Trends

The wedding season is right around the corner and most brides will be desperately looking out for the newest bridal wear trends. The wedding is one of the most important milestones of any woman’s life and every woman and her family knows this which is why so much trouble goes in to making sure the bride looks like a million bucks on her wedding day. One ethnic garment that never fails the Indian bride is the lehenga choli ensemble.

The lehenga is one of the most widely worn festive and wedding garments in India. The lehenga is by definition a long peasant skirt that is embellished and embroidered for accentuated appeal. This garment is so popular that almost all major Indian designers have experimented and used their creative skills on this garment. The lehenga is generally worn with a choli or blouse that cuts off at the midriff however it is also worn with kurtis and kameez. Recent trends have also made it popular to wear the lehenga with crops tops and tees. This is evidently fusion fashion that is prevalent in India. At some point of time in any girl’s life she will need a lehenga which is why it is important to discuss a few pro tips on buying designer lehengas online. Read further to know more about some of India’s most well known designers who excel in the creation of exquisite lehengas and sell their labels online.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee Lehenga

Sabyasachi Mukherjee Lehenga

Sabyasachi lehengas are in a class of their own. Each piece is exquisite designed, embroidered and embellished and the color palette ranges from crimson red to elegant creams insuring that there is a Sabyasachi lehenga for every woman. Lehengas by Sabyasachi range from exquisite bridal wear to festive and party wear lehengas. Each piece is sought after for the traditional ethnic silhouette, indigenous embroidery like zari, resham and zardosi and embellishments in the form of semi precious stones, sequins, lace, patchwork and embedded pearls. One can easily source a wide range of Sabyasachi designers online from select accredited e-commerce sources.

Manish Malhotra Lehengas

Manish Malhotra Lehengas

Manish Malhotra ensembles are mostly characterized by bright vibrant colors and lots of bling and a lehenga by Manish Malhotra doesn’t fail to meet the norms in this department. Manish Malhotra has made a name for himself by catering to a fashion forward generation inspired by Bollywood couture. Vibrant pinks, pista greens, crimson red, elegant creams are the highlights of the Manish Malhotra color palette and gold and silver threadwork and crystal embellishment effectively tell his design story. One can easily source a Manish Malhotra designer lehenga online from an accredited designer wear e-commerce retailer.

Ritu Kumar Lehengas

Ritu Kumar Lehengas

Ritu Kumar has been the known face of the Indian fashion industry since its teething phase and her work speaks for experience. A Ritu Kumar lehenga is the epitome of ethnic ingenuity and design and authenticity. Ritu Kumar is just as dedicated to Indian handloom and textile industries as she is to her creative self hence with a Ritu Kumar lehenga one is insured to look ones best in an ensemble beautified with indigenous fabrics, embroidery and embellishment methods.

Buying Designer Lehengas Online

While buying designer lehenga online through e-commerce retailers one must insure that they are purchasing an authentic designer label from an accredited e-commerce source. One should also make a well informed decision as to which garment to buy as designer lehengas are priced quite steeply however one can always make use of a return back policy.

5 Indo-Western Casual Styling Tips for Women

Casual wear should be fun and informal. It is your chance to experiment with different trends and explore different silhouettes. While ethnic wear is by nature dressy and more suitable for festive and occasional wear, one can easily apply a few tips to adapt ethnic wear garments for everyday casual dressing. This allows you to dabble in bright vibrant colors, exquisite embroidery and beautiful ethnic motifs which are all the hallmarks of beautiful ethnic wear. Read further to go through our 5 styling tips for indo-western casual wear.

Pair your Jeans with Mojris


If you are tired of the same old jeans and sneakers routine in spite of the fact that this combination is casual comfort at its best, you can flaunt your desi swag by pairing your jeans with mojris. This cool combination has just the right amount of desi swag and while you can continue to opt for your tees and western style tops, you can also further desify your look with vibrant and colorful kurtis.

Opt for Palazzos to Wear with Kurtis instead of The Usual Churidar Trousers


Palazzos trousers are trending in a big way right now and for all the right reasons. Not only are these trousers very comfortable but also very trendy which is a good reason to pair your kurtis with palazzo trousers.

Kurtis with Tulle Skirts


Give your kurtis a new lease of life by pairing them with peasant skirts and tulle skirts. This ultra feminine trend is finding many takers.

Tees and Tank Tops with Lehenga


Don’t limit the use of your beautiful lehengas just to weddings and festivals and instead pair your lehengas with tees and tank tops for a chic fusion look.

Lehenga and Jacket


There is so much you can do with the lehenga in terms of casual wear and the lehenga jacket combination is well worth a try.

Top Five Pics of Hollywood Celebs Shining in Indian Ethnic Wear

Top five pics of Hollywood celebs in ethnic wear that just alleviated our appreciation for indigenous fashion in India.

In this age of the internet we are quick to pick up and religiously follow western trends and though Indian ethnic wear and indigenous fashion is limited to special occasions and weddings, we have to admit that in our quest to go global we neglect our own traditional wear. When western celebs who have access to worlds best designers and fashions give the usual a miss to try on ethnic garments from India, our appreciation of Indian ethnic wear is revived. Take a look at these top five pics of western celebs in Indian garments and swell up with pride for our very own ethnic fashion.


Victoria Beckham in a Bridal Saree


Victoria Beckham in Saree

In early 2008 Victoria Beckham appeared on the cover of Vogue Magazine in a Bridal Saree by one of India’s top designers. This petite lady looked resplendent in red and as desi as any Indian bride on her wedding day.


Naomi Campbell in Ornate Designer Sarees

Naomi Campbell in Ornate Designer Sarees

Naomi Campbell has enthralled the Indian fashion fraternity in designer sarees multiple times. In 2014 Miss Campbell wore an exquisite black and red lace and embroidered saree at the Charlotte Olympia dinner, a grand affair to launch Charlotte Olympia’s latest collection of handbags. Earlier Naomi Campbell stunned audience by walking the ramp in a saree at Lakme India Fashion Week.

Uma Thurman in Pink and Gold Salwar Kameez

Uma Thurman in Pink and Gold Salwar Kameez

Uma Thurman was recently photographed on the sets of the TV musical smash in a stunning pink and gold salwar kameez. The leggy actress who is often cited as Quentin Tarantino’s muse looked resplendent in this Indian avatar.

Lady Gaga in Elegant White Saree

Lady Gaga in Elegant White Saree

On her visit to India Lady Gaga was photographed wearing a stunning white Tarun Tahiliani saree with cats eye oversized shades. This popular singer/Golden Globe award winning actress won many hearts in the country with her larger than life persona.


Julia Roberts and her Love for Indian Ethnic Fashion

 Julia Roberts and her Love for Indian Ethnic Fashion

This practicing Hindu and Oscar winning actress is a known Indophile who has worn Indian garments in movies and photo shoots multiple times and each time she looked more stunning than the last.

Ethnicity Store Online helps you choose the right Ethnic Outfit

Ethnic Store online

There came the time when Indian Ethnic wear went out of the scene entirely and people of India seemed getting more inclined towards the western outfits and clothing. But, this was not for the long time that Indian outfit were neglected and in the 21st century the Indian traditional clothing was brought back after they went through the severe transformation.

The new transformation brought in amazed people and a new wave of Indian clothing filled the air of the country once again. Thanks to our new era designers who put their focus on enhancing the traditional wear further and bringing it in the scene once again. Now, be the woman or a man, one can find a great variety of Indian traditional outfits that have hit the stores recently.

As India is known as the “land of diversity” and every part of India has its own way of clothing and this particular and distinctive fact about the India has been kept on the focus while the transformation was taking place and every popular and notorious Indian dress code was transformed and changed in a better way.

Designers like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar and Sabyasachi were the main faces that helped bringing back the sensation of Indian clothes to the land where it was originated. The transformation made a serious impact on the people and also helped them to realize that how important it is to stay connected with your culture and traditions. However, few of the transformation in the world of Indian clothing attracted more attention and that’s for both men and women. So, here we are listing some of the best recorded transformation of the Indian clothing of the present times.

Starting with the women, let us make you familiar with the most rocking Indian dress code of the present times.

Anarkali – Anarkali hits the list of the contemporary Indian clothing and has created a new sensation in the country. Women are finding this dress code an ideal one to wear at the festive season. Many types and varieties are available to choose the perfect type for the right occasion.

Sarees – Saree, obviously never went out of the scene, but has gained immense popularity after the revamped version got introduced. Many new fabrics and designs have been offered to women from the extremely traditional ones to the designer ones.

Lehenga Choli – After staying out of the scene for a considerable time, Lehenga choli again has caught many attentions lately. Many new designs, patterns and colors have been introduced in the same.

Kurti – Kurti sets the best example of the Indo-western wear for women and gofers the traditional looks with the comfort of modern wear. In this section, women can browse through a great variety, types and colors.

Gorgeous Multicolored Digital Print Georgette Kurti

Now, coming to men’s section of the transformed traditional outfits that came out more as a surprise, here are few of the hottest picks of the season.

Kurta Pajama – Kurta pajama has been born since the beginning of the time by the Indian men, but has been ignored for a considerable period of time too. But, now it has been brought in the front once again and many diverse types have been introduced.

Sherwani – Sherwani is every man’s favorite attire when it comes to wear the outfit at any festive season. With the revamped version introduced, many types and designs can be browse until you find the right one for you.

Nehru Jacket – Thought existed from a long time and been a signature style of our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, this dress code is setting a new fashion statement these days. Many celebrities and renowned personality can be spotted wearing this outfit at many occasions. Many types have also been introduced in the same too.

Apart from these designs, many other newest editions are also available. However, the mentioned designs are the hottest ones in the market. Now, the second concern of shopping these attires comes in front. Though one can have these outfits in local stores, buying it from an online store would be a good call.

An ethnicity store online would offer the best collection for focusing solely on the ethnic wears and in the regards, Amafhh, which is an ethnic online store, will be best choice. The store offers a great variety and array of options in the Indian traditional clothing and Indo-western wears.

Indian Traditional Dress helps you connect to your Culture and Roots

The very interesting and distinctive fact about India as a country, apart from being the “Land of Diversity “ is that the Indian traditional dresses strongly reflect the culture it is associated with. However, there are few Indian traditional dresses that go well with every occasion and despite the fact to which culture and customs people are indulged with; they can be seen wearing few of the traditional wears most of the times. But, the fame for the traditional wears has been kept at the rest for a considerable period of time until a severe transformation has been brought in the scene in the 21st century.

The traditional wears went through the severe, but a better transformation and this led Indian traditional wears again to gain importance in the world of Indian Fashion. With this also came a new wave of the men’s wear as for a long time people have neglected the importance and the need for the variety of options in the same. So, now with more revived options of the Indian traditional dress, for both, men and women, let us track down some of the best worn and demanding traditional wears of the present times.

As for the ladies first, here are some of the best-revived women’s Indian traditional wears in the list.Beige N Red Jacquard Half N Half Saree

  • Sarees – Sarees are one of the most worn dresses when talking about the Indian traditional wears for women. As it has been, without a break, worn by the millions of women on a daily basis or on a special occasion like a wedding or a party, but for the fact that women in India never ceased wearing sarees didn’t keep it from getting renovated. Now, the designers have also found a new area to put their creativity into and this has widened the options of sarees from the casual ones to the designers’ ones. The best part about wearing Saree is that it goes well with every occasion and every body type. 
  • Salwar Suits – Salwar suits again is one of those Indian wears that have been worn by most of the Indian girls on a regular basis, but also followed with the same and repeated designs. The newly revamped salwar suits again have attracted many sights and with the fusion and introduction of the different types like Anarkari suits, Patiala suits, Indo-Pakistani suits, women of India are enjoying more options mixed with new trends. 
  • Lehenga Choli – The long-running tradition of wearing Lehenga Cholis on marriage have been strongly broken with the new transformed version introduced. Now, from the heavy designs to the casual designs, Lehenga cholis are available in a wide range giving the women of India a chance to wear them even at a small occasion, so they don’t have to wait for the a long time to wear the lehenga until it’ s their turn to get married. 
  • Kurtis – Kurti is perhaps the only Indian traditional wears that have made its appearance in the current times in the Indian traditional wears. It is basically a fusion of the Indo-western dress and has been the main attraction these days for being comfortable yet traditional attire. Kurtis

Being an Indian woman with an urge of wearing a traditional wear to go with the flow of Indian fashion, you can pick any of these attires and reflect your love for your culture.

Now coming to the Indian traditional dress for men, there are many options to go with provided with the fact that the transformation has a serious impact on the men’s Indian wears as well. With many new and the old but transformed men’s traditional wears, here are few dress options that are loved by men across the nation and are more in the scene these days.

  • Kurta pyjama – Kurta Pyjama is counted among the most common worn Indian traditional men’s wear and men belonging to different culture have been wearing these clothes from a long time. After the hangover of the western clothes along with the transformation of the Indian traditional wears, men can find a broader range of Kurta Pyjama to match the occasion and the essence of the traditions. 
  • Sherwanis ­ – Sherwanis too are popular attire for the Indian men from a long time, but thanks to the designers of the new era that this dress code too has been revived and many options sticking to the essence of the dress have been introduced to the men. Prior to the greatest breakthrough of the Indian traditional wears along with the introduction of the Indo-western wears, sherwanis were strictly been worn on the special occasions like marriage and engagement, but now with the broader varieties, designs, and shapes, Sherwanis can be worn on a low-key functions. Embellished Jute Indo Western Grey Sherwani
  • Kurta Pyjama with Nehru Jacket – Needless to say that the introduction of Nehru jacket has won out the hearts of millions of men and has become a new style statement as well. The love for this new attire is very evident with the fact that it has been getting worn by many celebrities. Devoid of any doubts, the jacket goes well with the basic Kurta Pyjama, but can be paired with a shirt and jeans too. 

So, with so many options, men too have been given the same advantage of choosing the perfect Indian traditional wear just like women. Make your pick and rock the party or event you are heading to.