Top Five Men’s Blazer Jacket looks for 2016

All you need to know about men’s blazer jacket trends for twenty sixteen. Get helpful tips on how to style them right and match them up with other items in your closet with these top 5 style picks.

Men’s blazer jacket is the coolest trend this year and to be precise, they have been around for a while, yet only gaining in popularity. Easily worn for work, as casual wear or even special events, these trendy garments are the in thing in twenty sixteen. Having made that statement, it is important to clarify that men’s blazer jacket aren’t just trends that are here today and gone tomorrow. These are personal style statements that are going to be around for a while. Read further to know about how to effectively style blazer and jackets of any kind with our comprehensive list of top five looks involving blazers and jackets.

Bomber Jacket for Casual Wearaa

The bomber jacket is the typical casual wear jacket, best worn with a baseball cap, a round neck tee and denims for that boy next door casual look. Complete this look with a neat pair of sneakers.

Nehru Jacket for Casual Wear


While the Nehru Jacket is an intrinsically Indian ethnic garment initially only worn with other ethnic garments, since late 2014 it has become increasingly trendy to team up the sleeveless Nehru Jacket with casual trousers, denims and round neck tees. This trend is popular amongst college student and young professionals.

Bandhgala Blazer with Denims


Saif Ali Khan totally nails the posh yet casual look with his bandhgala blazer and denim trousers combination. This look is complete with an appropriate pocket square and exquisite tan pointed toe shoes.

Bandhgala Blazer with Jodhpurs


Trends are temporary but style is eternal and nobody does it better than Rahul Khanna with the classic bandhgala blazer and jodhpurs combination. A rose in your button hole and classic black tie up shoes would definitely complete this look which is appropriate for formal events and gatherings.

Nehru Jacket with Slim Fit Kurta Pyjama

This is one classic look that is huge hit at Indian festivals and weddings. This fully desi look effectively teams together a slim fit high sheen fabric kurta pyjama with a contrasting color Nehru Jacket. This is the most sought after ethnic look for men since 2015 and will continue to trend in 2016.


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