Indo Western Dresses for Grooms, Wedding Wear Trends for 2016

Indo western dresses for men feature high up on the list of wedding fashion trends for men in 2016.


Dashing Jute Indo-Western Sherwani

Around the world fashion trends come and go but in India ethnic fashion is timeless. From the humble kurta pyjama to the elaborate sherwani, ethnic wear for Indian men has it all and all of these are magnified manifold at the great Indian wedding experience. Like anywhere else in the world, a wedding is a day when both, man and his would be wife do everything in their power to look their best. In most of the western world all a man has to his benefit is a well fitted tuxedo on his wedding day but when you compare that to the Indian sherwani or the kurta pyjama, it is rather bland. This sheer beauty of these traditional garments does not go unnoticed which is why it is still popular with Indian grooms and designers in India are forever reinventing these traditional garments to keep up with the times. This constant state of reinvention has given way to indo western dresses for a groom which is the highlight of fashion trends in 2016. Read further to know more.

Western Silhouettes and Indian Design

The idea behind indo-western dresses for grooms is the perfect amalgamation of western silhouette and Indian design. For example, the indo-western sherwani is not much unlike a mandarin collar blazer however there is still much ethnic charm here with exotic traditional fabrics like silk and jacquard and traditional embellishments like resham, zari and zardosi. Ethnic patterns in floral and foliage forms perfectly add to the essentially desi look. The slim fit kurta pyjama is also a perfect example for Indian design meeting western silhouettes. Perfectly fitted to the contours of the male body, this trendy new-age kurta takes it inspiration from a slim fit dress shirt and adds desi charm to it with fabrics like silk, khadi and jacquard. All in all, this is the perfect fusion of ino-western fashion sensibilities for the modern Indian groom.


Indo-Western Sherwani, a matchless attire

Indo-western Sherwani has become a matchless and the most favored attire for Indian men.

Given the refinement and the sovereignty Indo Western Sherwani are simply ideal for husbands. Indo Western exhibit has swung to the most bolstered garments for men when they ought to get prepared for the uncommon events throughout their life.

Witnessing Indian men wearing these sumptuous groups are not natural. It has been made conceivable utilizing a blend of smooth Indian things of dressing together with the plenteous material of western groups. Indian grooms ought to appear to be dashing and popular, and relatively few choices are as splendid as Indo western Sherwani. This makes it an understood wedding suit for men.

Maroon Raw Silk Indowestern Sherwani

Maroon Raw Silk Indowestern Sherwani

  1. Available in different hues and styles

You will locate a fascinating arrangement of Indo-western suit in various sizes and additionally shading mixes now. Spectacular suites are enhanced with metal, circles and fabric balls is among the cunning determinations of attire for wedding festivities. Indo-western suit decorated with prints and appealing plans is among the widely delighted dresses for extraordinary occasions like gatherings, weddings, and celebrations

  1. The unrivaled persona of Indo-Western clothing

Indo western Sherwaniadorned with select plans and great weaving work are uniquely made for spouses. Everyone’s eyes are spellbound by a normal Indo-western Sherwani highlighting weaving and embellishments with gold strings. Presently, staggering printed sorts of into western suit and in vogue examples can be available in contemporary styles. It is an incredible scope of attire for each one of those people who need to be the focal point of fascination in the group. Indo western wedding suit accompanies chic collars and substantial coat in the commercial center.

  1. Indo-Western offers fluctuated shading collection

The materials utilized are the ideal same for the standard wear, yet changed by the designs and styles and weaving touch to advance the mix of Men’s Indo western. Indo western sherwanis will be the freshest top picks as a marriage wear and also for ethnic, formal events to get the appearance that is unmistakable and shrewd. Wear in the top planner into western with extraordinary decisions in different hues and mixes like blood red, dark, gold, white, maroon, green, blue, orange, pink, yellowish, and more with weavings and energetic materials.

It is a rich Indian vogue attire wear widely sold in the commercial center. Indo western menswear is among the most effective making the most of the men’s array in the new manner universe. Today, a great deal of the web shopping sites supply customization of Indo-western men clothing types. It is an incredible choice for Indian men to showcase their outline in the most humble way. Indo western menswear comes utilizing a broad assortment of decisions such as, far as hues, weaving, decision of material and style.

Today, you will discover different decisions in Indo-Western both online and in block and mortar shops.

Discover the types of groom wedding suits that are in the scene these days

Are you all set to get married this year, but still struggling with the thought of which attire to choose to wear on your D-day? Well, the thought to strike is a must when you are a groom because of the fact that compared to the bride, groom always have faced the scarcity of the wedding dress, but to give you a sense of relief, the recent revolution brought into the world of Indian fashion has broadened the option of wedding suits even for the grooms.

Grey Terry Rayon Readymade Blazer Suit

There are still many people who are not yet aware of the recent transformation made in the world of Indian fashion and those unaware group are the ones who suffer the scarcity of the groom wedding dress. The recent transformation and the introduction of the Indo-western wears have provided the groom the equal option of the wedding dresses as of the brides. So, now with so many options available, you don’t need to keep on pondering over the same thought of what to wear at your wedding and let us help you discover the types of groom wedding suits that are entirely in the scene these days.

Traditional Kurta and salwar – Yes, we are talking about the Kurta and salwar combinations. The attire looks pretty good and elegant when worn with an embellished kurta and simple but vibrant coloured salwar. The attire is even comfortable to carry and allows you to move freely even at the busiest day of your life and that is your wedding day.

Ever Stylish Kurta and Churidaar – Kurta paired up with a churidaar is like an ever running attire for men. The attire becomes the first choice for every man who is about to get married to wear on his wedding day. Today, with a lot of transformation done. Kurta and Churidaar has gained the fame of the most preferred wedding attire for men. With the additional touch of a scarf and a perfect turban, you will appear no less than any prince.

Fashionable Dhoti Kurta – Yes, you heard it right, we just mentioned the attire Dhoti Kurta. Though many believe that this particular attire has been gone out of the scene long ago, they must not have been aware of the other fact that the recent transformation of the Indian fashion world has brought back Dhoti Kurta into the scene again, especially as a wedding suit. Today, the dhoti has been revamped in a whole better way and  with this helping grooms to acquire the best look at their wedding. Today’s Dhoti Kurta has become much more fashionable than what it used to be earlier.

Sherwani – This attire is well suited for those wishing to look royal at their wedding. With a  lot of embellishment done on sherwani, this generally is paired up with a churidaar. Sherwani become the most common choice for most of the grooms to wear at their wedding. Make sure that you are picking up the right combination of colours.

Bandhgala ­– Bandhgala is a new addition to the list of wedding attires for men and the dress is gaining immense popularity for giving a break in the stereotypical way of wedding clothes. Paired up with a loose salwar, this attire gives you a royal yet sensational look.

When you know that one of the dress code among the mentioned ones are going to become your wedding dress, make sure that you shop from the right place to get the best outfit to wear on your special day. Online shopping is one of the best ways to avail the best varieties and maximum options to choose your attire.

Amafhh is counted among those online stores that focuses mainly on the traditional Indian clothing and offers an array of options in the same. You will get your ideal outfit for the wedding day at Amafhh, at a suitable price and of the high quality. Shop today!

The Best Pick of the Attire for the Groom at Indian Wedding

Talking about the Indian wedding refers many things at the same time like the preparation, the food, the decoration, the list of guest and the most importantly the shopping of costumes. Gone are the days when the brides were given the freedom to choose the perfect dress out of thousands of options and searched through the hundreds of shop and now groom too share the same frame of enjoying choosing the perfect attire to wear on their best day.

Good Looking Beige Jute Indo Western Sherwani

Good Looking Beige Jute Indo Western Sherwani

As the Indian wedding takes a long time to wind up and includes many small or big ceremonies until reaching the final day of the wedding, it gives bride and groom the advantage of wearing 3 to 4 different dresses for different occasions. But, when it comes for the wedding day, nothing can be compromised with the attire that is going be the main attraction of the entire day of the wedding.

When it comes choosing the perfect attire for the bride then the options are endless from colors to fabrics to designs, but when it comes for the groom to choose then it becomes quite a struggle as there are not as many options that a bride enjoys. With the few available options of Indian groom wedding suits that are quite enough for making the choice, it becomes important to know that what would complement your height and physique and will help you sustain the attraction of the guests and your spouse.

Although there are not very few options and one can find enough to make the selection among, it becomes important to know what types of Indian groom wedding suits are in fashion these days. Let us provide you an insight of the latest wedding suits designs for the groom that is getting followed from the celebrities to the common man.

  • The classic yet stylish Sherwani – The Sherwani with the Churidaar paired with a matching or contrast stole is what most of the Indian grooms prefer to wear. From the time unknown, this style has been followed and still it has all the respect as a traditional dress. The best part of the Sherwani is that it can never go wrong with a groom wedding dress but keep in mind that the fabric, style and design you are choosing act as an important factor. 
  • Traditional Dhoti Kurta – the traditional Dhoti Kurta is again one of those wedding attires for groom that has seen its dawn long ago, but went out of the scene for quite a time until it made its appearance with a bang in a transformed form. The revival of the dhoti kurta has made many to again choose it as the wedding attire. 
  • Nehru wedding suit – The fame of the Nehru suit is not new to the human race these days and the adoration for the jacket in precisely can be seen when men are teaming it with any or every dress. However, this has made a great choice as a wedding suit too. Groom can get the customized designs of the suit as per their requirement. 
  • Kurta pajama with Bandhgala Jackets – Kurta Pajama is undoubtedly one of the most loved wedding attire for the groom, but with the face-lift of the conventional dress done recently by the designers have made people love the dress even more. The addition of the Bandhgala has made the dress look more amazing as wedding attire. 

However, you must pick the dress depending on your height and physique and the choice of the colors must be done as per the complexion to enjoy the attire.

The best way to shop for the wedding suits is by making your way to the online stores as they offer an array of options to choose from with varied colors and designs. Amafhh in the regard will be an ideal option as the store deals mainly with the ethnic, traditional and wedding wears. They feature a great range of designs and colors to help you with choosing the right wedding dress for you.