Festive Wear Trends and Styles for Indian Women

India celebrates numerous festivals throughout the year. This is primarily due to the fact that India is land of diverse cultures, many communities and multiple religious groups. In keeping with these multiple festivals, the demand for festive ethnic wear is always present in India and the market for festive ethnic wear is primarily dominated by women. Keeping this in mind, it only makes sense that we take a closer look in to festive ethnic wear garments and the newest trends that is dominating this market. Read further and know more the latest trends in ethnic fashion for the upcoming festive season.

Ombre Sarees


Ombre sarees are truly happening this year. These sarees are highly favored because of their bright display of two to three vibrant colors that seamlessly merge in to each other. The ombre saree is best kept minimally embroidered and embellished in the form of ornate borders. In keeping in with the festive opulence one can accessorize the sarees with sequin embellished clutches and highly ornate blouses. The festive ombre saree is also a great option for cocktail parties and wedding receptions. In fact many brides are opting for this saree for their wedding receptions or sangeet ceremonies.

Anarkali Gowns


At its finest fashion is an art that is forever evolving and open to different interpretations. The anarkali gown is a fine example of the modern day interpretation of the anarkali silhouette. This gown is a typical flowing gown inspired by the anarkali suit hence it is fitted at the bodice and billows outwards from the upper waste downwards. This popular gown is generally embellished and embroidered however pleats and frills are kept at a minimum unlike the anarkali suit. This gown is a trending ensemble for festive and wedding wear.

Trending Kurti Styling Tips for Festive Wear

The kurti is set to be big this upcoming festive season with many girls and younger women opting to style the kurti in new and innovative ways such as pairing this garment with palazzo trousers, lehengas and peasant skirts.

Kurti with Palazzo


The kurti and palazzo pants combo is bound to be a sought after indo-western ensemble this upcoming festive season. To get this pairing just right, the emphasis should be on pairing a tunic and bottoms of contrasting colors. If you happen to select a vibrant kurti pair it up with elegant white lace palazzo trousers or if you prefer a pair of vibrant ethnic motif palazzo pants, pair it up with an elegant single shade minimally embroidered or printed kurti.

Kurtis with Long Skirts and Lehengas


The kurti and peasant skirt or lehenga pairing is a trend that is here to stay and this trend will find widespread favor amongst younger women during the upcoming festive season.

Kurti Dress


The kurti dress trend is another twenty sixteen favorite which will find favor in the upcoming festive season. This simple trend simply involves wearing a suitable kurti as a dress minus bottoms.


Perfect Cotton Garments for Indian Women This Summer

Summers in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are quite harsh, the mercury soars and the humidity rises. For women in these countries comfortable summer wear is imperative in more ways than one. In countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh where summers are harsh, certain fabrics work best to beat the heat. Examples of these fabrics are linen, Khadi and cotton however the most favored of these fabrics is the cotton fabric. Cotton fabric known to be the most comfortable fabric for summer wear as this lightweight fabric absorbs sweat, is not easily stained, is mostly lightweight and its porous characteristic allows for easy breathability allowing the wearer to remain cool in harsh extremely hot conditions. All these varied factors make up for the popularity of cotton fabric garments for women. Read further to know more about some of the most popular cotton fabric garments like cotton salwar kameez, kurtis and sarees worn by women in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh that experience tropical summers that are generally hot and humid.

Cotton Kurtis

Cotton Kurtis

Cotton kurtis are widely favored by Indian women during the summer months. Apart from the comfort that cotton offers, these cotton kurtis are popular for a wide range of reasons. One factor which contributes to the high sales of these short tunics is the fact that these garments are both aesthetically appealing and extremely versatile. Cotton kurtis are available in a wide range of vibrant colors and often accentuated with beautiful floral and ethnic prints, embroidery and embellishments. These kurtis are extremely versatile as they can be easily worn with a wide range of bottoms. The cotton kurti can be paired up with denims, churidar bottoms, palazzo pants, peasant skirts and even Patiala salwars.

Cotton Salwar Kameez

Cotton Salwar Kameez

In countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh the Salwar kameez is one of the most popular garments for women and during the summer months the cotton salwar kameez reigns supreme. As a bonus to the comfort this garment provides during the hot summer months, the cotton salwar kameez ensemble is also extremely aesthetic and versatile. The salwar kameez comes in many different silhouettes. Some of the popular variations of the salwar are the Patiala Salwar Kameez ensemble, the straight salwar kameez and the Kalidar suit. All these different variations of the salwar kameez are easily available stitched in cotton fabric. The cotton salwar kameez is also extremely versatile as it can be worn for different occasions and different purposes. Depending on the embroidery and ornamentation work on this garment, the cotton salwar kameez can be worn every day to work and casual outings or even for special occasions like weddings and festivals.

Cotton Sarees

Cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees are also popular garments for summer wear in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as they provide comfort and are the traditional garments for most women in these regions. The contemporary cotton saree is printed, embroidered and embellished for aesthetic appeal however there are regional variations of the cotton saree like the taant or the Dhakai saree that are recognized by their traditional weaves and embroidery.

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Ethnicity Store Online helps you choose the right Ethnic Outfit

Ethnic Store online

There came the time when Indian Ethnic wear went out of the scene entirely and people of India seemed getting more inclined towards the western outfits and clothing. But, this was not for the long time that Indian outfit were neglected and in the 21st century the Indian traditional clothing was brought back after they went through the severe transformation.

The new transformation brought in amazed people and a new wave of Indian clothing filled the air of the country once again. Thanks to our new era designers who put their focus on enhancing the traditional wear further and bringing it in the scene once again. Now, be the woman or a man, one can find a great variety of Indian traditional outfits that have hit the stores recently.

As India is known as the “land of diversity” and every part of India has its own way of clothing and this particular and distinctive fact about the India has been kept on the focus while the transformation was taking place and every popular and notorious Indian dress code was transformed and changed in a better way.

Designers like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar and Sabyasachi were the main faces that helped bringing back the sensation of Indian clothes to the land where it was originated. The transformation made a serious impact on the people and also helped them to realize that how important it is to stay connected with your culture and traditions. However, few of the transformation in the world of Indian clothing attracted more attention and that’s for both men and women. So, here we are listing some of the best recorded transformation of the Indian clothing of the present times.

Starting with the women, let us make you familiar with the most rocking Indian dress code of the present times.

Anarkali – Anarkali hits the list of the contemporary Indian clothing and has created a new sensation in the country. Women are finding this dress code an ideal one to wear at the festive season. Many types and varieties are available to choose the perfect type for the right occasion.

Sarees – Saree, obviously never went out of the scene, but has gained immense popularity after the revamped version got introduced. Many new fabrics and designs have been offered to women from the extremely traditional ones to the designer ones.

Lehenga Choli – After staying out of the scene for a considerable time, Lehenga choli again has caught many attentions lately. Many new designs, patterns and colors have been introduced in the same.

Kurti – Kurti sets the best example of the Indo-western wear for women and gofers the traditional looks with the comfort of modern wear. In this section, women can browse through a great variety, types and colors.

Gorgeous Multicolored Digital Print Georgette Kurti

Now, coming to men’s section of the transformed traditional outfits that came out more as a surprise, here are few of the hottest picks of the season.

Kurta Pajama – Kurta pajama has been born since the beginning of the time by the Indian men, but has been ignored for a considerable period of time too. But, now it has been brought in the front once again and many diverse types have been introduced.

Sherwani – Sherwani is every man’s favorite attire when it comes to wear the outfit at any festive season. With the revamped version introduced, many types and designs can be browse until you find the right one for you.

Nehru Jacket – Thought existed from a long time and been a signature style of our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, this dress code is setting a new fashion statement these days. Many celebrities and renowned personality can be spotted wearing this outfit at many occasions. Many types have also been introduced in the same too.

Apart from these designs, many other newest editions are also available. However, the mentioned designs are the hottest ones in the market. Now, the second concern of shopping these attires comes in front. Though one can have these outfits in local stores, buying it from an online store would be a good call.

An ethnicity store online would offer the best collection for focusing solely on the ethnic wears and in the regards, Amafhh, which is an ethnic online store, will be best choice. The store offers a great variety and array of options in the Indian traditional clothing and Indo-western wears.