Party Wear Jawahar Coats and Nehru Jackets

Add ethnic class to your wardrobe with party wear Jawahar coats and Nehru jackets and be the cynosure of all eyes at social events.

Parties almost always demand that you look good but also unique. The demand to be the one that catches the most eyes at a social gathering is ever present. A party is not like any other day at the office or your time spent at the mall. Under such circumstances, we are content to look like clones of each other. Suit and tie at work for all, denims and tees at the mall for all. At a party we intend to look special, we intend to look good but yet not be blended in with all the other well-dressed people in the room. We want to look unique and stand out just about enough to be seen and then heard and then admired.

How does one achieve this? The answer is simple; by making a statement with our sartorial choices. One way to do that for men would be to perfectly team up western party wear with ethnic garments, two outstanding examples would be the party wear Jawahar coat and the dapper Nehru Jacket. Read further to know more.

Party Wear Jawahar Coats

Attractive Light Brown Jute Linen Nehru Jacket

Attractive Light Brown Jute Linen Nehru Jacket

The Jawahar coat or the bandgala blazer is characterized by its western silhouette and its intrinsically ethnic mandarin collar. Named after the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Nehru, and the Jawahar coat started off as the epitome of power dressing for politicians but has now been adopted by the younger generation as a dapper ethnic garment for social events. This coat looks good with your denims and a tee or goes equally well with slim fit trousers and shirts.

Nehru Jacket

Maroon Art Silk Readymade Nehru Jacket

 Maroon Art Silk Readymade Nehru Jacket – Nehru Jackets

The Nehru jacket is a sleeveless jacket quite similar to the western waistcoat however what sets it apart and gives it a touch of ethnicity is the mandarin collar. This jacket is easily teamed up with western party wear or even a slim fit kurta pyjama for a festive event.



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