The Dapper Charm Kurtas for Men

Everything you need to know about the dapper kurtas for men; styling this tunic, fabrics it is stitched from and ornamentation and embroidery work.



 By the definition kurtas for men are long, knee level, button less tunics worn in most of South Asia. Widely popular in countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, there are multiple variations of the kurta in India alone. The different variations of kurtas are characteristic of the regions they come from and the fabrics and ornamentation used. For example; the Lucknowi kurta is famous in Uttar Pradesh whilst the Punjabi Pyjama is very popular in greater Bengal which includes West Bengal and Bangladesh. Read further to know more.

Widespread Popularity

The kurta is widely popular as mentioned before and that is mainly owing to its versatility and the fact that it is extremely comfortable. The free flowing silhouette is easy to wear for long hours and the varied fabric that it is stitched from insures that kurta can be worn in all seasons. This garment is worn for casual use, formal wear and even festive and wedding wear. The fabric and ornamentation largely decides the purpose of wear.


The kurta is generally worn with pyjama pants for a complete ethnic look however it is often also worn with denims or straight legged semi formal trousers for an indo-western look. This trend is hugely popular with youngsters which include young working professionals on their day off. The slim fit variation of the kurta in high sheen vibrant colored fabrics like silk and jacquard is often worn with slim fitting churidar pants for that sharp crisp look. This trend is popular with younger men at weddings and festivals.

Fabrics and Embroidery

Kurtas for men are stitched from a wide range of fabrics. The everyday casual wear kurtas are generally stitched from a wide range of fabrics. Casual summer wear kurtas are generally stitched from cotton, cotton blends and linen whilst festive and wedding wear kurtas are stitched from high sheen fabrics like silk and jacquard. Kurtas for festive wear are often beautified with embroidery and ornamentation like zari, resham, zardosi and stone work.



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