Leggings, a new bottom wear to pair up with a Kurti

Being a girl, it becomes essential to be aware of the latest trend of the fashion world and being an Indian girl, this also mean by getting familiar with the types of new clothing taking place in the world of Indian fashion.


Today, as everyone is aware of, Indian fashion world is witnessing a huge changes and that’s for better. The transformation is getting considered as one of the best things that has hit the world of Indian fashion because quite a long time has passed since Indian people were inclined towards the western culture and it was a high time to get them back to where they belong to, India and it essence. As Indian clothing strongly displays the Indian culture, it was become necessary to make them realize the importance of the Indian outfits, and there came in the scene the best transformation ever witnessed by Indian fashion world.

The evolution is so strong that it not only brought back the Indian people to the Indian traditional clothing, but also made them fall in love with them and this was all achieved by the revived version of the ethnic clothing introduced along with the introduction of the Indo-western dresses.

The introduction of the Anarkali suits have been in new for a good time and the popularity now has been shifted to the “Leggings”.

Legging is basically a bottom wear that has been worn by the western people and today it has made its way to India, but with a different concept of clothing. A legging has become an ideal bottom outfit to wear over a Kurti and has replaced churidaar salwar for many suits. It fits more nicely than a churidaar and gives a more elegant look in comparison.

The craze of leggings has led to many different types of leggings came into the scene and some are only famous in India. Leggings can be worn at different types of Kurti to attain different style statements like the long one with the look of churidaar can be worn with a normal length Kurti and ankle length legging will look good with the long length Kurti.

To shop for leggings, online store will be an ideal option as there you can get many variants and colours for the outfit. Amafhh will be an ideal platform for leggings online shopping as it offers the best of them and also has a huge collection. With a store dedicated entirely to the Indian clothing and the Indo-western attires, you definitely get your ideal choice there.


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