Few Best Nehru Jacket Designs that Every Man Should Know

Not a single person in the country is untouched with the news of the evolution taking place in the world of Indian Fashion, and about the new trends this evolution has brought in the same world. This evolution or transformation has changed many things and the best change that has come forward is that, today, men too are considering the new styles and designs that can help them look their best.

Among few designs, the transformed ones, Nehru Jacket seem to steal away all the limelight of the men’s Indian wear and from the Prime Minister to the celebrities to the ordinary men, everyone seems to have gone crazy after this piece of clothing.

Although the name is enough to identify that from where the thought of this jacket has been initiated, at the time when it was first introduced, it was limited to the wardrobe of our former Pime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru. But, today it has become a must own piece of clothing for every man in India.

Beautiful Mehendi Colour Linen Nahru Jacket

If you too are thinking about buying this outfit then you must make yourself aware about the different types of Nehru Jacket Designs that have hit the market lately. In the regards and to ease your way to make the decision of which Nehru Jacket you must buy, here we are sharing some of the best picked designs of the Indian fashion league.

Sleeveless Nehru Jacket

Sleeveless Nehru Jacket is quite common these days and makes a good outfit too. From our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to many Celebrities, everyone seems to like this design the most. It can be paired with the simple Kurta pajama, Trousers and shirt, and Jodhpuri suits. No matter to which type of event you are heading to, this will make a good style, but do not forget to select the color and fabric depending on the occasion.

Double Breasted Nehru Jacket

This makes an amazing style statement and is an uncommon too. This makes more of a formal wear and makes you appear slim. To get the best look, try pairing it up with the Jodhpuri pants and trousers.

Velvet Nehru Jacket

When you are stuck with the thought of the right attire to wear on the occasion which is about to arrive, then you can go for Velvet Nehru Jacket. Designed specifically as a party wear, this will surely turn all the heads at you. Make sure you wear them at evening to get that shinning look of the fabric, for which it is known the best. Can be paired up with Kurta Pajama, Trouser pants, and Jodhpuri suits.

Full sleeves Nehru Jacket

This one helps you attain the royal look and no wonder that why many celebrities including Amitabh Bachchan have preferred this over other designs. Pair it up with Trouser pants, Kurta Pajama, and Jodhpuri suits.

Surely, there are many more Nehru Jacket Designs available in the market, but these are some of the best picked of the present time. You can easily avail these design from many online stores because they offer a huge variety to choose among.

Amafhh, perhaps, will be your ideal choice of online store to make your purchase of Nehru Jacket for the reason that the store offers a huge collection of the Indian Ethnic clothes and the Indo-wear attires, all at affordable rates and of superior quality.


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