Top Stylish Kurta Pajama designs for Men

Kurta Pajama is that peace of Indian clothing that makes an essential pair for every Indian man. Today, the revived and still evolving nature of Indian clothing has brought in some of the most stylish kurta Pajama designs to make the Indian clothing for men more stylish and appealing.

There was the time when Indian men waited for any special occasion or traditional day to arrive to take out their long kept that one pair of Kurta Pajama to wear and once the occasion passed the dress go to the same place. However, the scenario has changed a lot and today varieties of new designs for kurta pajama have been introduced and they are so amazing that men won’t wait for a traditional or ethnic day to arrive and will wear it for the next coming occasion.

So, if you are thinking to go for some new designs for Kurta Pajama this festive season then here we are sharing some of the best out of many designs for you to follow.Green Art Dupion Silk Readymade Kurta Pyjama

Traditional Kurta Pyjama

This Kurta Pyjama refers to the type of Kurta Pajama that is being followed since the beginning, but today there has been made an exception in this type and that is different variants of designs and cuts have been introduced to make this traditional attire extremely stylish.

Pathani Kurta Pajama

This one relates to the attire worn by the Pathans, but today makes an amazing style for men when choosing to wear the Indian traditional clothes. The Kurta can be both fitting or loose and are worn on the loose pajama that is often called as salwar. The best and the distinctive part of this kurta is that it doesn’t need any embellishment and looks amazing when kept simple. Many celebrities also can be seen wearing this attire at many functions.

Kurta Pajama with Nehru jacket

This is extremely new in the race. Thought both the dress has been existed for a long time, it’s paired up together makes it a whole new design to carry. The best way to carry this attire is to wear the jacket on a simple kurta pajama as the decorative or the embellished ones will make no difference and will be hidden inside the jacket.

Jodhpuri Kurta Pajama

Jodhpuri Kurta pajama is not the new design and has been worn in the Jodhpur region for a long time, but today, it has come in the scene as the new design and men seem to like this attire a lot. It reflects a royal look and when paired with a stole or turban, then nothing can beat the style of this attire.

These are some of best stylish Kurta pajama of the current times and have been picked from the many designs. However, shopping for them needs a great concern.

Amafhh is an online store that offers a huge collection in Indian Clothing and Indo-western clothing for both, men and women. Here, you will get your ideal design for kurta Pajama at your budget and of your choice.


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