Go bold yet traditional and buy Indian Sarees online

Saree is among those Indian attires that never went off the scene, even when the majority of Indians, including women, were drenched completely with the essence of western culture and clothing. Apart from reflecting the culture and regions it is associated with, Saree is known to take out the beauty of every woman that is hiding into deep inside. Not only in India, but throughout the globe, women have displayed their adoration for this dress.

Yellow N Red Printed Saree

In India, sarees too have been distinguished into different types just like the regions and cultures and the amazing factor of this dress equally lies in the fact that how this six yards long fabric takes out the hidden feminism of a girl and a woman. In India, which is also synonymous with the title ‘Land to Diversity”, many different types of sarees have been emerging from the different regions, each having its own specialty and each made in a different way. However, some of them have gained immense fame making women prefer them first. So, here we are trying to track a few of the best picks of sarees from every part of India that make the hottest picks of the current times as well.

Benarasi Sarees – One of the most famous sarees of India, Benarasi sarees have always been known for the intense weaving style in different patters using different threads like silver, gold and zari. These sarees are made up of silk, also known as Benarasi silk and is well engraved. The designs that are engraved in this saree are inspired by the Mughals designs and are generally worn on the special occasion like a wedding or a high-profile function. The best way to enhance the beauty of the Benarasi saree is to wear it with heavy jewelry.

Kota Sarees – The saree gets its name from being made in Kota, Rajasthan at the earliest times, but now it gets manufactures in many other places of the country as well. The saree is also very famous and is made from the purest cotton fabric and silk threads. In every saree, you will find a common square type structure which is known as “Khats”. The sarees are finely woven and are very light-weighted.

Silk Sarees – Silk sarees have always been associated as an elite class wear for their charming and elegant look. They are made up from the costly fabric “silk” and are embroidered with silk or gold work. They too are very light-weight and are worn mainly at a time of huge celebration or function.

Chiffon Sarees – Chiffon sarees are everywhere in the scene. Every girl is making this saree as a must own attire in their wardrobe. The saree is very light weighted and stick to your body displaying the perfect figure you own. Even celebrities are showing their love for this saree and can be spotted wearing the fabric at many events.

Pink Chiffon Saree

However, these are just a few picks among huge options and you can get them from every store and mall. But, when you buy Indian sarees online, you come across many options that you may not get when you go and shop for it from a local store.

To buy Indian sarees online, make your way to Amafhh which is an online ethnic store and aims to provide the people with real and authentic Indian traditional and Indo-western wears. Amafhh offers an array of options to shop among and that all under your budget.


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