Discover the types of groom wedding suits that are in the scene these days

Are you all set to get married this year, but still struggling with the thought of which attire to choose to wear on your D-day? Well, the thought to strike is a must when you are a groom because of the fact that compared to the bride, groom always have faced the scarcity of the wedding dress, but to give you a sense of relief, the recent revolution brought into the world of Indian fashion has broadened the option of wedding suits even for the grooms.

Grey Terry Rayon Readymade Blazer Suit

There are still many people who are not yet aware of the recent transformation made in the world of Indian fashion and those unaware group are the ones who suffer the scarcity of the groom wedding dress. The recent transformation and the introduction of the Indo-western wears have provided the groom the equal option of the wedding dresses as of the brides. So, now with so many options available, you don’t need to keep on pondering over the same thought of what to wear at your wedding and let us help you discover the types of groom wedding suits that are entirely in the scene these days.

Traditional Kurta and salwar – Yes, we are talking about the Kurta and salwar combinations. The attire looks pretty good and elegant when worn with an embellished kurta and simple but vibrant coloured salwar. The attire is even comfortable to carry and allows you to move freely even at the busiest day of your life and that is your wedding day.

Ever Stylish Kurta and Churidaar – Kurta paired up with a churidaar is like an ever running attire for men. The attire becomes the first choice for every man who is about to get married to wear on his wedding day. Today, with a lot of transformation done. Kurta and Churidaar has gained the fame of the most preferred wedding attire for men. With the additional touch of a scarf and a perfect turban, you will appear no less than any prince.

Fashionable Dhoti Kurta – Yes, you heard it right, we just mentioned the attire Dhoti Kurta. Though many believe that this particular attire has been gone out of the scene long ago, they must not have been aware of the other fact that the recent transformation of the Indian fashion world has brought back Dhoti Kurta into the scene again, especially as a wedding suit. Today, the dhoti has been revamped in a whole better way and  with this helping grooms to acquire the best look at their wedding. Today’s Dhoti Kurta has become much more fashionable than what it used to be earlier.

Sherwani – This attire is well suited for those wishing to look royal at their wedding. With a  lot of embellishment done on sherwani, this generally is paired up with a churidaar. Sherwani become the most common choice for most of the grooms to wear at their wedding. Make sure that you are picking up the right combination of colours.

Bandhgala ­– Bandhgala is a new addition to the list of wedding attires for men and the dress is gaining immense popularity for giving a break in the stereotypical way of wedding clothes. Paired up with a loose salwar, this attire gives you a royal yet sensational look.

When you know that one of the dress code among the mentioned ones are going to become your wedding dress, make sure that you shop from the right place to get the best outfit to wear on your special day. Online shopping is one of the best ways to avail the best varieties and maximum options to choose your attire.

Amafhh is counted among those online stores that focuses mainly on the traditional Indian clothing and offers an array of options in the same. You will get your ideal outfit for the wedding day at Amafhh, at a suitable price and of the high quality. Shop today!


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