Style yourself uniquely with distinctive Nehru Jacket Combinations

Nehru Jacket has turned to be one of the most preferred Indian outfits by men in recent times. Although, the concept of this outfit is not new and long ago, our very first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru initiated the style, it seems to rock the recent world of Indian fashion on a whole new way.

The credit for bringing it in the fashion scenario goes entirely to the designers of the new era who shifted their focus from designing and recreating the western fashion statement to revamping the Indian traditional wear. The revolution brought into the world of Indian fashion was much needed as for a considerable period of time, Indian clothing went into oblivion and the revamped version of Indian clothing helped it reach again to the heights.

When talking about Nehru Jacket then it is a must to mention that it has become a new trend setter in the men’s fashion league. What makes men more exciting is the fact that Nehru jacket can be paired up with many outfits and combinations. Here, we bring out some of the best Nehru Jacket combinations of the current time.

Maroon Art Silk Readymade Nehru Jacket

Nehru Jacket with Kurta Pyjama – With the revived Indian traditional clothes, Kurta Pajama again have become a favorite attire for men and with the introduction of the Nehru Jacket, men are having one more option of wearing a unique traditional wear. This combination has become so popular that many celebrities are following this dress code.

Nehru Jacket with Jodhpuri – Jodhpuri in itself is a unique way of clothing and even after Indian traditional clothing fell into oblivion, this dress code never ceased to be worn and many royal families of Rajasthan, and after the introduction of Nehru Jacket, men have found one more dress combinations added in the list. This attire gives a unique look with a royal touch.

Nehru Jacket with Dhoti Kurta – Dhoti Kurta is that one attire that has been followed since the time immemorial and still is one of the most worn Indian attire in many regional parts of India. However, today, many are wearing this attire on special function in urban areas and even in major cities and pairing it up with Nehru Jacket makes you achieve a distinctive look at the crowd. Nonetheless, you are advised to wear the attire suiting the occasion.

Nehru Jacket with pant and shirt – This attire is every men’s favorite and men can easily be spotted this combination in most of the occasions. The attire is an ideal way of dressing to hit the most high-profile function to a low-key occasion.

After you have realized the recent and the most hit Nehru Jacket Combinations, try shopping for these combinations from an online store that offers a great variety of options to choose among. Among many online stores, Amafhh is one online store that focuses mainly on the Indian traditional and Indo-western wears. Here, you will get the best collections of the Nehru Jacket based on different types, sizes and designs.


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