Get the ever stylish Nehru Jacket Online

The dawn of the transformed Indian traditional wears brought in many new and revived fashion statements. The Nehru Jacket seemed to become the star fashion statement of the revived Indian Traditional wears and the fusion of Indian and western wears.

It was like a whole new wave of fashion running across the Indian and the best was the part that people manifested their love for these new wears the way they didn’t in last few decades. The new transformation not only helped to revive the old conventional way of clothing but also made people aware of the importance of culture and the roots they belonged to. Now, this was certain that for a long time people aren’t going to forget about their very Indian wear as they also have given the break from the same way of western clothing.

Some of the traditional and Indo-western wears became peoples’ extremely favorite and Nehru Jacket was among one of them. Not only had the general public bestowed their immense love for the attire but the renowned celebrities many times have been spotted wearing the Nehru Jacket at many personal and promotional events as well.

The first ever person to enjoy the design was our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru himself and the designing of the Nehru jacket are done in an exceptional way as well. The Jacket is designed with a stand up neckline without lapels and is sleeveless. The best part about the Nehru jacket is that it can be paired up with any dress, be it Indian wear or the traditional ones. This one single jacket can be used to avail different variations in your attire and to ease your way with that, below we are discussing few of the best-matched pairs with Nehru Jacket.Grey Linen Readymade Nehru Jacket

Nehru Jacket with Jodhpuri attire – To get the royal look, try pairing the Nehru Jacket with the Jodhpuri attire. Make sure that you highlight the feature of pant more to attain that “good royal look” in the best way. The jodhpuri attires matched up with Nehru Jacket has not only made celebrities fall for it, but many real Rajasthani prince can be seen wearing this.

Nehru Jacket with Kurta Pyjama – The second amazing way to wear Nehru jacket is to match it up with the Kurta pyjama. Many would assume that wearing this attire would make them look like a politician, but if matched up with right kurta with the right cut and slit then it surely will make one of good looking attire.

Nehru Jacket paired with a simple pant & shirt – The jacket even will look amazing when paired with a simple pant and shirt. You can hit any party occasion or a welfare function and the dress code will just go with the flow.

When you have ascertained that this season you are going to get traditional yet stylish then make sure that you end up buying a Nehru Jacket. Browse through a great variety of Nehru Jacket online before you end up buying one.

Amafhh is one online store that is offering a great collection of Nehru Jacket online and making it easier to go through each of them before you buy one. Amafhh is one of the leading online e-commerce websites that has brought together the best ever traditional and regional wears of India.


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