Best coloured Sherwani to wear at your wedding

Sherwanis have always been an Indian man’s first love when it comes to choosing the perfect attire to wear at the wedding. However, there are certain things that groom always forgot about in the rush of the wedding, which in no way a good approach towards the most important day in your life, biggest being the right colour of the wedding attire.

With the ever-changing fashion scenario, it has become really important to keep certain things in mind when selecting the wedding dress. We all are aware that the recent transformation that done in the world of Indian fashion and traditional wears have brought in the new spirit of traditional clothing. And these also broke many myths associated with the traditional wedding dresses and the biggest was the concept of colours.

Indian weddings are like a great get together of the different people, each having their own concepts and being the host with the only wish that the wedding wraps up at a good note without disappointing any one is again a great deal. Each action, preparation, rituals, and customs performed come with these different peoples’ remarks and the biggest remark that are made on the Indian wedding is the time when you choose your outfits. The white color clearly get banned and out of the list following with many concepts for other colours and making the bride and groom be left with few options.

But, boycotting the colours have gone out of the scene now as people now have got that color has nothing to do bad with the wedding and probably because colours like white, blue and off white are luring the people more.

So coming mainly on to the best colors for the groom to wear, we are sharing few of the best colours pick that would help you look your best this wedding season.

Dashing Red Indo Western Sherwani

Red Sherwani – Red is a colour of passion and love and is the best choice to wear at your wedding. You must have come across people, precisely men that associate the colour with the women and consider it to be a feminine one, but breaking out all the myths, you can find plenty of red shades Sherwani. If the backdrop of the wedding is somewhat related to the light shade to white, beige, or cream then it will even complement your attire.

Royal Blue Sherwani – Blue coloured Sherwani is again have got popularity for being a charmer. You can pick your own favorite shade among the various ones available in the market, but the royal blue shade is always going to be a charm stealer. So, when you are going to shop for the Sherwani to wear at your wedding, make sure to look out for the royal shade for once.

Nice Royal Blue Brocade Sherwani

White Sherwani – The white coloured Sherwani has come into the scene after the major renovation done to the Indian traditional wears. Now, grooms are seen more wearing white on their wedding days than any other colour. With the little other colors added to the white coloured Sherwani, it makes an amazing choice.


When you have made yourself determined about these few top most bought and preferred colours to wear at your wedding then don’t forget to shop at Amafhh. Amafhh is an online store dedicated to the Indian traditional wears and brings along the widest range of Indian wears collection.


One thought on “Best coloured Sherwani to wear at your wedding

  1. I am so glad to know that white and red are again in the fashion league. Will surely make my purchase of one of these colours this wedding season.


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