Make Your Choice from a Whole New Range of Indian Menswear

Right from the beginning, precisely in India, a whole lot attention has been bestowed on the women’s wear leaving out a bit for the men’s wear for the assumed fact that women have all the right to appear beautiful and for the men looks stood last in the queue of concern.

But, today’s scenario in every mean have changed a lot and men too are considering their looks to be an important factor as of women. With this radical change, one more transformation took place and that was the revival of the traditional Indian wears. The revival left behind the long-running influence of the western clothes and along this, came the equally transformed Indian menswear.

For a considerable time, Indian menswear remained the same way when the women’s wear were constantly evolving until in the recent time, designers have contributed equally to the evolution of the menswear and now with this, men of India have an array of options for the Indian wear to make their choice among, and this further was widened with the introduction of Indo-Western wears. However, getting familiar with the types of Indian Men’s wears that are in the fashion these days are highly considered to avoid any sort of the wrong choice of attire and a fashion blunder.

Keeping the high demand and the urge of wearing the Indian traditional dresses these days, we are sharing some of the best Indian wear for men for this season.

Amafhh Persian Gold Slik Kurta Pyjama

  • Kurta Pyjama – Kurta Pyjama is one of the most preferred Indian traditional clothes for men. The reason for its popularity is the comforting and easy to carry feature. The dress is actually a long loose shirt with slightly changed neck design accompanied with trousers commonly known as a churidaar. The recent transformation has changed the simple looks of kurta into more elegant attire. You can easily avail different designs on different fabrics and with different length. The simple Kurta Pyjama can add more charm when accessorized with a stole. 
  • Sherwani – Sherwani too somewhere falls in the category of Kurta Pyjama, but is designed in a different way. The pattern may appear to be the same, but the embellishment that is carved and the fabric used makes it a perfect wear for the parties. Sherwani becomes the first choice of every Indian man when attending a party, or hosting a one or himself is a groom. To avail the complete traditional look of Sherwani, match it up with a stole and mojris. Winsome Brocade Indo-Western Sherwani
  • Bandhgala – Bandhgala is a product of the introduction of the indo-western wear. The attire soon gained the popularity when it was introduced in the market and many models were seen walking the ramp wearing this. Despite the fact that which type of traditional occasion you are attending, Bandhgala always does the justice with the occasion and the increasing popularity of the dress can be realized merely by the fact that many top-level celebrities can be spotted wearing this traditional attire on many functions. The main feature of the Bandhgala is its Nehru collar and looks perfect when paired up with a Kurta and Churidaar Pyjama. 
  • Dhoti Kurta – Dhoti kurta has been worn by Indian men since the time unknown and even today many men wear it. But, the dress code has also been transformed and with the new Dhoti Kurta designs, Indian men have one more option in the list of traditional wears. These days, Dhoti Kurta is getting designed in a much comfortable way and seems to have gained quite popularity as a party wear. 

After you have been exposed to the multiple options of Indian wear for men, it is time to know the best way to shop for them. No doubt, you can avail the dresses from a local store, but there you won’t be provided with many options and have to choose among the limited options. Online shopping is perhaps the best way to avail the plenty of options and to go through them before you end up choosing the one dress. And when you shop from a website that focusses solely on the Indian wears then the choice gets broadened even further. Amafhh is one that online store that offers a great variety of traditional men’s wear all at the better rate and of superior quality.


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  1. With this blog, I came to know that men too have many options to make their choice of the traditional wears otherwise my thought always pondered over the few options.


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