5 Things to make your valentine’s day extraordinary

Valentine’s Day has a special meaning and a time when you can express your deepest emotions to your beloved. Yes, you perhaps have done this many times before, but doing it on a day that is meant especially for the love certainly makes things more romantic.

As the Valentine’s Day is approaching in no time, it may become harder for you to come up with the right and a unique gift and a plan that nowhere seems to be ordinary. In the quick passing of time and the rush of planning a perfect Valentine’s Day surprise, there are many chances that you will end up doing the things every second person is doing.

To do something unique, you must think out-of-the-box and should give yourself a break from gifting flowers with teddy bears and chocolates as the half of the world is doing the same thing and you too will make yourself a part of the same crowd. With the fact that you don’t have plenty of time in your hands and still the urging of celebrating the day in a unique way, we are sharing those 5 things that can make your Valentine’s Day extraordinary, despite of the less time you have.

  • Use flowers in a whole new way :  Flowers are known as “emotions in disguise” and speak your heart out when words fail you miserably. For every emotion, there is a certain flower and you just need to come up with the right flower speaking your emotions the right way. So, when the entire world is busy gifting bouquet of red roses to their loved ones, you should think of giving up the thought. Buy the roses of all possible colors and related to them, pen down a quote for your beloved. For instance, yellow rose is the symbol of friendship, so write a quote of how your partner acts as a friend when you are in a need. Tie the quotes cards, make sure they are small and pleasing in appearance, at the neck of each rose and then make a bouquet of it. Send it to them when you are away. Believe or not, but it will leave the most romantic impression on your partner, especially when they will read the cards. 


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  • Surprise them with the decorated home:  Those living together can easily imply this, but for those living separately may struggle with transforming the thoughts into actions. But, once you have a house empty of people, you can begin with your plan. For the first, vacate your mind with all the scenes and thoughts of decoration you ever have witnessed as a Valentine’s Day is not some kind of marriage or a birthday. Buy roses of different colors, tulips, Lilies and every beautiful flower you laid your eyes on. Make small bouquets yourself and keep it on floors in small distances. Buy shaped candles and light it on every corner making sure that you don’t need to switch on the lights when your partner enters the house. This would add charm to your romance and excitement to your special day. 
  • handmade-gifts-250x250

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    Handmade gifts : Believe it, every partner in the world loves something that you make putting your effort instead of buying it from any mall or store. Photo Collage with quotes is the best option that you can go with. You just need to choose some of your best pictures together and start sticking it by placing on the right side of the board. You can even add some lovely quotes coming from your heart to add more affection to your effort. Handmade Cards are even a great option to surprise your partner. In case, if you are going with the cards make sure you make dozens of them and send one at a gap of every two hours. Nothing will make them special than receiving a token of love from your side at the gap of every 2 hours. 

  • Cook Yourself : So, when the entire world is going outside for the dinner, why not you make an exception by cooking yourself. Make a list of your partner’s favorite dishes, shop for the groceries yourself and start cooking. Do not only add ingredients but make sure to add the flavor of your love too. Once done with the cooking, set the table yourself. Put a vase of flowers in the middle, write a quote and put it on the platter you will serve your partner on. 
  • man-and-woman-walking-down-path

    Image Source: http://goo.gl/lTTp1e

    Take a long romantic walk : After you have surprised your partner with the decorated house, handmade and beautiful gifts, and a lovely dinner, make sure to take your partner out for a long walk. Talk of the things that make them happy, about how much you love them and what they mean to you. This long walk will act as a dessert after the dinner. Buy an ice cream and walk until the day ends and you are satisfied with your efforts.

When you are determined of doing these 5 things to make your valentine’s day an extraordinary one, then be assured for one more thing that this would be best valentines ever. To add extra flavor, blindfold your partner before you make them enter the house and witness the priceless expression they will have once they see what you have done for them.


One thought on “5 Things to make your valentine’s day extraordinary

  1. well, these are easy and impressive ways to make your Valentine’s Day extra special. However, this year passed,. but will surely imply one or two of them next year.


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